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NJ/BKN Nets ~ Long Distance Relationship

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Picture as of December 29, 2011

N.J./BROOKLYN NETS:  Looking a Gift Horse in the Mouth.

Game Three

Long distance relationships never work; well..., almost never.  There's always exceptions.  And I'm not talking about the fans in New Jersey after the Nets leave (or in my case, come..) to Brooklyn.  I'm not talking about Mikhail Prokhorov spending so much time in Russia either.  Although if he keeps messing with Putin, I fear he may never make it back.  And then where does that leave the Nets?  And no, I'm not talking about Kris and Kim's divorce.

Instead, Billy King and the Nets will be getting off a plane in Central Florida for an opportunity to meet the big apple of their eye face to face.  This evening, they'll literally be able to reach out and touch him.  But just don't foul him.  And don't say anything to him within the context of "we" or "us".  Lest we forget about that not-so-secret hotel room meeting before the season started.

Tonight the New Jersey Nets will be in Orlando to play against the team in possession of the Center they covet most.  Said Center, apparently wants to play for NJ/Brooklyn next season also.  Or at least that's what we've been led to believe.  But with Brook Lopez out due to foot surgery and Orlando's lack of confidence to pull off a deal, the only thing the Nets and Dwight Howard can do right now are look at each other with big sad puppy eyes as they run back and forth on the court in opposition of each other.

There's now a new development that just might even make the Nets' sad puppy eyes cry.  Today SNY said there's is a new JODY on the block looking to take their girl away from them and go.  The new speculation is, in addition to the Los Angeles Lakers having interest and assets, now Mark Cuban and the Dallas Mavericks can be the team that not only lands Dwight Howard, but will take Deron Williams from the Nets as well.  If that scenario plays out, Brooklyn will be welcoming in a team in full blown rebuilding mode.

One of the Media outlets also reported that Deron Williams and Dwight Howard may have had dinner together last night.  How quaint.  If the dinner did take place, no doubt they were talking about where THEY BOTH want to be?  I just hope while they were breaking bread they were talking Brooklyn.  We got good places to eat here too ya know.

Back in New Jersey's final-ever home opener, the Nets got hammered by the Atlanta Hawks which prompted Coach Avery to bench his starters for most of the second half.  On the whole, the game wasn't terribly entertaining so the fans in attendance occupied their time with resounding chants of - "We Want Howard!"

The good news is Nets fans embraced their 72-day, embattled former TV husband who has been getting drenched in a down-pouring of boos lately, and offered Kris Humphries their unqualified support and showed it with resounding cheers.

This story needed a happy ending.  Because right now, things aren't looking too good for New Jersey, or Brooklyn....or the Nets.  Stay tuned.


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