Tuesday, December 13, 2011

BKN Aviators ~ Wake Up in Time to Salvage Weekend


BROOKLYN AVIATORS:  Who Were Those Guys, and What Happened to the Skates of Flatbush?


3 - Cape Cod Blue Fins
0 - Brooklyn Aviators

What the....?  This game was no less bizarre than the disappearance of Emilia Earhart, who also once took-off from Floyd Bennett Field.  Remember what happened to her....?   For the Aviators though, talk about flying into your random worm hole.

Apparently, the Aviators held a practice around Cape Cod while the Blue Fins continued to treat the night like a regularly scheduled Saturday night in the Hangar.  While the A's were busy doing...something, The Fish paced themselves in the relaxed atmosphere during an unusually quiet night on South Flatbush Ave.  Cape Cod posted a goal in each period for a 3-0 victory.  Whether Brooklyn got that memo is still unknown.

Not exactly trying to get in any one's way, the A's spent their ice time taking shots at Fish goalie; Chris Testa, who was nice enough to stop thirty nine attempts, and there-by preventing Brooklyn from having to retrieve their own pucks.

Brooklyn's Jarrett Rush was guilty of Brooklyn's lone penalty of the game; a tripping minor in the first period.  Cape Cod reciprocated with an interference call as the first period closed.  Otherwise, thanks for stopping by.  There is literally nothing else to report about this game outside of the fact the Fish now lead the season series four games to two.

Yeah.....Odd to say the least.  Is this thing on?

Kory Hilowka; Andrew Owsiaak; Jordan Bernier; and Andrew Scampoli all registered a minus-two for the game.  Josselin St. Pierre suffered another loss minding Brooklyn's net.

2 - Akwesasne Warriors  
5 - Brooklyn Aviators

The Brooklyn Aviators played the role of pacifists Sunday.  The Warriors came into the Hangar apparently wanting a mass escalation of on-ice non-hockey activity, but the A's seemingly wanted no part of it.  They played this game close to the vest to secure a rather disciplined 5-2 victory over Akwesasne.

At 3:06 of the first period, Akwesasne got whistled for it's first penalty of the night.  Everything went down hill for the Warriors after that.  The visitors effectually spent the rest of the period; and the game for that matter; interfering, roughing, cross-checking, and collecting unsportsmanlike conduct penalties, with nary any tangible retaliation on Brooklyn's part except for A's goalie, Josselin St. Pierre, who picked up a first period slashing penalty of his own.

The A's did their talking on the scoreboard Sunday.  Heading into the first intermission, the A's sported a 2-0 lead on goals from Jesse Felten (power play), and Andrew Owsiak.

In the second period, Akwesasne cut into Brooklyn's lead and laid into the refs for good measure.  On this night at least, one of the few penalties the A's did commit cost them.  KC Timmons' slash at the 17:32 mark of the second period resulted in a power play goal for the Warriors at the 18:41 mark.  Midway through the period however, Akwesasne's Nicolas Corbeil lost his mind after getting whistled for a hooking penalty.  Clearly not happy with the call, he picked up an unsportsmanlike conduct/misconduct penalty, as well as an Abuse of Officials game misconduct.

In the third period, Brooklyn goalie Josselin St. Pierre picked up his second penalty of the game; a roughing call.  That is a story in itself, when your goalie has to take matters into his own hands.  Be that as it may, Brooklyn lit the lamp three more times to seal the deal on a 5-2 victory to salvage a rather uninspiring and odd weekend at the Hangar in which they dropped two of three games.

Andrew Osiak scored his tenth goal of the season, and Matt Atsoff nailed a pair of goals during the final session.


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