Thursday, December 22, 2011

BKN Aviators ~ Time To Teach FISH a Lesson

From the desk of:   THE SKATES OF FLATBUSH


BROOKLYN AVIATORS:  You Can't Let Something Like a Broken Bus Get In Your Way!  Get Back To Work and Beat THE FISH.

Oh...!  What happun? 

A not-so-funny thing happened on the way to Danville last week....   We had a..., uh..., a little hiccup in the season folks.  Last weekend's games scheduled for Friday and Saturday nights against the Dashers out in Danville, Illinois, were cancelled because the... uh,  Aviators' team bus broke down.

I know a guy who could have fixd it!  He's got an awesome set of tools.

While someone attends to the bus, the A's have hockey to be played tonight in The Hangar.  Smell that?  That's right.  that unmistakable waft of Cod Fish can only mean one thing....  -  Well, make that two things if you're familiar with Jamaica Bay.  But that smell can only mean one other thing; the Cape Cod Blue Fins are in town.

Man, I'm really starting to dislike these guys.  We're ten points better than them in the standings.  But they've played us like we were the Washington Generals on ice.  The Fish lead the season series four games to two and have won the last two meetings.  The Blue Fins shut-out the A's 3-0 last time they met.

Missing games last week have taken a toll in the standings.  The A's are now twenty-two points behind the FHL leading New Jersey Outlaws.  The 1000 Islands club is running a loose second with forty-four points this season.  Then there's the pack -  Danbury is in third place with 33 points, Akwesasne is next with 32 points, followed by the A's with 31 points.

And by the way..., your Aviators have a newly named Captain.   Coach Miller tabbed defenseman Jarrett Rush as the team's next Captain.  He will be sporting the "C" on his jersey for the first time tonight against the Blue Fins.  The promotion to Captain fills the void left open when former Captain, Steve Obelnicki, was lost for the season to injury.  Additionally, fellow defenseman KC Timmons and Andrew Owsiak have been named the Alternates.

Now that everything is in place and we are on home-ice.... Let's Get It On!


Cape Cod Blue Fins

Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn



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