Friday, November 18, 2011

BKN Aviators ~ Friday Night Fillet-O-Fish


BROOKLYN AVIATORS:  The Skates of Flatbush Have a New Adversary on the Block This Season. 

Entering tonight, the A's have lost their last two straight games both to the Danbury Whalers.  Since last season, the two teams have cultivated a fierce rivalry together.  Whenever Brooklyn and Danbury get together, they literally make a mess.  At some point in the game, the ice gets littered with dropped gloves as opposing players go off and fight in a corner somewhere.  They've competed in tough games against each other for sure.  But Danbury remains just that; our rivals.

There's a new team in the FHL folks, that has now officially earned this Brooklyn hockey fan's ire.  They might be new, but after only three games against them, The Cape Cod Blue Fins have officially been declared an me!

Back on October 28th, in our first meeting against Cape Cod, the Fish posted a 3-2 overtime win in Hyannis.  Then on November 5th, Cape Cod made their inaugural visit to Brooklyn and slapped us up inside Hangar Five with a second consecutive overtime victory over the A's; this time by a 5-4 score.  The Aviators finally gained a measure of revenge in their return visit to Hyannis on November 11th with a 6-1 clubbing of the Fish.  Tonight, we invite the Blue Fins back to Hangar Five again for what I hope will be a season series tying win for Brooklyn's Coolest.  More importantly, the A's are still skating for their first win on home-ice.  They are 0-2-2 when playing off Flatbush Avenue in this young season.  And so, it's time to take back the block Boyz...

As mentioned, Brooklyn has lost two straight.  Both team's last game was Wednesday night.  The Blue Fins defeated Danville 6-1 for their third win and seventh point of the season.  The A's have twelve points and sit in fourth place.  Cape Cod is seventh in the circuit.  Garrett Peters is their stand-out scorer with seven goals and ten points.  Chris Ferazzoli continues to be Brooklyn's lead scorer with six goals and fourteen points.

Friday Night

Cape Cod Blue Fins

Hangar Five off Flatbush Avenue


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