Wednesday, November 23, 2011

BKN Aviators ~ First Look at First Place 1000 Island Club


BROOKLYN AVIATORS: The Skates of Flatbush Get Their First Look at First Place 1000 Islands Privateers.

Tuesday night in Hyannis, the fifth regular season game between Brooklyn and the Cape Cod Blue Fins was a resounding win by the Fish.  They out-shot Flatbush in the game and outscored them by a wide margin.  The 8-2 final score now gives the Fins a 3-2 season series lead over the A's.

The story of the game?  The Skates of Flatbush were 1 for 15 on the power play.  Cape Cod? - 3 for 5.  What makes this worse?  Cape Cod's fifth goal of the game came short-handed.

Cape Cod seemed content keeping the A's on the power play and did so for forty-eight generous minutes.  Actually, the Blue Fins tried instigating a whole lot-o-stuff Tuesday.  But it didn't seem like Brooklyn cared to bite on the steady flow of baiting.  I'm wondering if Coach Miller had anything to do with that after a brutal session against the Cape last Friday.  And yet in fifteen opportunities with man-advantages, somehow, the Aviators could only manage one puck past Blue Fin goalie; Wes Vesprini.

A's starting goalie; Thomas Lee; on the other hand, lasted two and a half periods before Coach Miller had seen enough and mercifully lifted Lee in favor of Peter Dundovich who made his second relief appearance of the season.  Dundovich stopped all four shots he faced in a little less than ten minutes played.  Thomas Lee suffered his worst night of the season in net.  Of forty-three shots on goal, eight managed to get past him in what turned out to be a Blue Fin rout.

Brooklyn's Andrew Owsiak scored a first period goal, assisted by Anthony Iaquinto.  The A's second and last goal was a power play effort credited to K.C. Timmons, assisted by Andrew Owsiak and Vladimir Nikiforov.

The loss drops Brooklyn's record to 5-4-3, and remain at eighteen points.

The A's will be right back at it Wednesday evening when they get their first look at the 1000 Islands Privateers inside Hangar Five.  The first place Privateers are currently ahead of Brooklyn by eight points, sporting a 9-1-0 record.

Justin Lecav is 1000 Islands' leading point scorer.  The winger is tied for the team lead in goals with Paul Kelly at eleven apiece.  Justin also leads the team in assists with fifteen.  Both of the Privateer's Alternate Captains; Paul Kelly and Michael Richard; each have twenty points.




1000 Islands Privateers



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