Friday, October 07, 2011

N.Y. Yankees ~ Last One Out Shut The Lights

From the desk of:  BLAME CARLOS MAY

Oh Fister...?  Oh Fister...Baby?

Tiger Stripes Out-Duel the Pinstripes In ALDS
Win Series 3-2



No A-Bomb For A-Rod.
Bronx Bombers' Fuse Fizzles Out.


Casey Alex at the Bat......and the Whifff!

Jorge Posada is getting shoved out the Stadium doors in the old cold classic corporate heave-ho style and with no promise by the Yankees they will mail his locker belongings to him.  Meanwhile, he was their best hitter this series and yet Alex is coming back for another six years at $30 million per?  Alex incidentally was the Yankees worst hitter this series.   Yeah. Good luck with that.

Hip-Hip-Jorge Posada stood looking long and hard across the field after ARod struck out to end the Yankees 2011 season.   I wonder if he was thinking the same thing I was thinking at that moment? 

Was Jorge considering thanking ARod for putting a time stamp on his expected exit from the Yankees?  Nah.  Maybe he was thinking how Adrian Beltran hit three home runs for a team on a budget to lead them into the ALCS, while ARod's monetary compensation gets measured on GNP levels as the Yanks make yet another early playoff exit?  Hmm?  I was thinking something along the lines of....I guess $30 million dollars doesn't buy you what it used to these days.  But in any era, put lipstick on a pig and you can kiss your playoff chances good-bye. 

Muahhhhh!  Chow baby.  Off to South Beach.

OK, maybe Jorge wasn't thinking that.  But without a doubt, that was a most impressive splattering of air molecules ever demonstrated by Alex Rodriguez - ...because he sure as hell wasn't hitting baseballs.  A Whif,  followed by another bases loaded Whiff,  followed by yet another an end of game Whifff!  It was the end of series Whifff!  And it was the end of season Whifff!

Man!  What a Whiff! ...Again!  Mr. March had two hits in eighteen at-bats for an .111 average.  His slugging was .111 also.  He drove in three runs in five games but left the most important Yankee runners of the series on base.  He struck out six times in all.  It's just that two of those whiffffs came at the worst possible, most disappointing time for the Bombers...again.  So what exactly are they paying him $30 million to do?  Because let the record show once and for all; aside from a good 2009 playoff and one vaguely decent series against the Twins many moons ago; the player formerly known as Alex Rodriguez, a genuine Whifffff come playoff time.  No; ...injuries are no excuse for him.  He makes it that way.  And besides, he looked equally futile last night as he did on his more healthier October nights of yore.  So..., could have fooled me.

So what now for Mr. Inconsequential?  I guess he just goes back to South Beach to do what he does best; looking pretty.  For there are no concerns over employment status for him.  He has the Rock of Gibraltar of immovable contracts...all guaranteed.  So its all good for him.

For Yankee fans?  What would you have me say?

It is what it is man!


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