Thursday, October 06, 2011

N.Y. Rangers ~ Avery Takes Blindside Hit To Career

NEW YORK RANGERS:   You don't have to go.  But you just can't stay here.  Sean Avery stripped of his Blueshirt.

The least popular decisions in life usually turn out to be the best decisions in life.

But when you string people along, that's just plain wrong.  The manner with which the Rangers went about separating ways with Sean Avery remind me of the way the Mets gave Willie Randolph his pink slip.  The Mets gave Willie the proverbial kiss-o-death by saying Willie was fine and had nothing to worry about.  The Front Office then flew out to California and fired him in the middle of the night at the team's hotel while everyone back in NYC was fast asleep.  The Rangers effectively waited to till they got over Europe to push Avery out of the plane holding nothing but an umbrella like Wile E. Coyote.

The arranged marriage forced upon by Papa Glen Sather, between Sean Avery and Coach Torts is over.  The two never made love with each other; only war.  And around twelve noon Tuesday, Sean Avery; the League's most cantankerous winger and moonlighting handbag fashionista; was waived by Coach Totorella Glen Sather - who brought Sean back; after trading him; after initially bringing him here from L.A. in the first place.

If Sean does not get claimed, he and Wade Redden will directly account for the annual average salary in the AHL spiking up like the number of people who call in sick after the Super Bowl.

The whole time between Coach Torts and Avery was twisted - as twisted and warped as Avery waving his stick in front of Martin Brodeur's face during the playoffs a few years back.  But they were both guilty of odd behavior. 

It's better to just put his jersey you bought away now, and let Avery's memory fade.  Because let's face it, Avery and Torts never liked each other to begin with.  And Avery was just never going to get a fair shake with Coach no matter what he did.  Even after his best shifts, it was never sure if he'd ever skate another.  He routinely led Ranger forwards in least minutes of ice time.  The situation was pretty  ironic considering Avery was an overwhelming crowd favorite but at the same time, a player despised by Coach even before they were united together partly because of comments Avery made on national TV and I guess because of his overall comportment.

But, Coach Torts; Congeniality Police?  Go figure.

I liked Avery.  I thought he "could" be very good at times; when he wanted to be.  I thought he could be the type of hockey player this team needed.  And he could have carved out his own niche in any forward line.  However, Coach Torts was totally intolerant of his mistakes.  In Torts' defense, we're talking legitimate Coach-irking mistakes.  So yes, at this point, enough is enough. 

And just maybe, Avery's somewhat high-profile off-season may have played a part in being waived; maybe not.  But because this 2011-1012 team potentially has a lot of positive things going for it, the move is most likely in our best interest.  He was battling for the last forward position anyway and maybe it's better served by a hungry youth.

I support Coach Torts' position on the matter.  But I'm going to tell you, I don't like it and I certainly don't agree with a point.

The season is almost here.   I'm on it.



  1. I used to love Avery when he was with the Wings. He was a huge fan favorite in Detroit, and in Grand Rapids (AHL). Detroit needs toughness, and has a habit of turning players careers in the right direction. It would be cool seeing him wear the Winged Wheel again, and make the opposing team think twice about taking a run at guys like Datsyuk, Zetterburg, and Lidstrom.
    All the best!!!

  2. That's a great point about Detroit. I had this conversation the other day..Detroit almost never fights, and are hardly ever in the box taking stupid penalties. Ever! Good luck with the Wings this year Mike!


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