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BROOKLYN DODGERS:  How Dare They Besmirch Our Beloved Bums That Way?!



How dare the New York Daily News take the date October 4th, 1955 in vain like this!?  On today's back page cover, the N.Y. Daily News used the famous headline from Brooklyn's only World Championship to somehow associate and make light of A.J. Burnett's plights as a Yankee, and his finally winning a big game for them last night in game four of the ALDS.  Johnny Podres; rest his soul; would be rollin' over in his grave if he ever caught wind of this sacrilege.  I get the headline belongs to them.  But c'mon!  Have some respect please?!

October 4, 1955  - October 4th, 2011

We're still celebrating here!  Do ya mind...

This past summer, the following picture was graciously provided to me by
the Brooklyn District Office of:

It features our locally known AssemblyMan Peter Abbate with original members of

The Brooklyn Dodgers


They were working stiff like me and you.  So these primarily Williamsburgh/Greenpoint locals only performed during night games and weekends.  There weren't paid for the entertainment they provided.  But they were embraced by fans and players, and apparently by the organization itself.  They were always provided with seats right behind the dugout.
Must'a been a great gig!

Thank you again to Mr. Abbate's office for supplying me with a copy of his picture posing with the Dodger Sym-Phony Band.

In other Brooklyn Dodger news:

Con Edison has since finished their on-site construction they started in early Spring in their lot at 3rd Avenue and 3rd Street.  They assured Ol' Dodger fans and Brooklyn Baseball history buffs, no harm would come to the portion of wall that dates back to Washington Park; which was the home of the Brooklyn Dodgers prior to Ebbets Field being built; and also being home to Brooklyn's member club in the old Federal League of 1914-1915.

...And yet, STILL no plaque marking the significance of this wall exists.


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