Sunday, August 14, 2011

N.Y. Mets ~ The Spotlight Is Dimming

From the desk of:  HEAD-BUTTING MR. MET

NEW YORK METS:  With Reyes Not Available to Shine the Spotlight, Met Issues Lurk In The Shadows.

Mike Pelfrey took a line drive off the elbow, but probably suffered more from a bruised ego and shattered confidence on the heals of misconstrued comments he made about his team outlook about the "upcoming" 2011 season, mixed in with his overall underachievement and single digit win total.  But hopefully, just as long as the Met Doctors don't get involved, he should be OK (or so we all hope).  However, there was a noticeable knot and swelling on the bone. 

But it's his pitching this whole season that has been a real pain in the posterior for all concerned, although, to his credit he left the game leading 5-2 in the fifth inning after a flaky start in the first.  On arguing with Coach Terry about coming out of the game, he admitted his  .....brain wasn't working correctly.  And about his sensationalized comments, ...he knows he should have taken a different tact to better convey his meaning - he said he takes full blame for that.

The fact David Wright has to defend anybody to the Media bugs me.  It also means Terry Collins either needs to scold the Media and get them to back off again.  Because ever since June 1st, when he told them en mass not to look at him like he was some kind of idiot, the fact is the Media has been tame as a puppy instead of playing the part of Big Bad Wolves.


All that's really needed is for everyone to shut-up or speak only of the here and now.  If you're not talking about the last game or the next game, your head is in the wrong place.  That goes for everyone.  What David Wright should have told the Media was to "just drop it."

Truth be told, Mike Pelfrey didn't say anything that bad.  But timing is everything when you make jokes or in Mike's case, mis-speak.  We know Mike Pelfrey likes to kid and suffers from loose lips sometimes.  This time it came back to bite him.  It happens.

But that's all just a side-note. Let's not lose focus of the real matter at hand. The fact should remain Saturday's game was the Mets' fourth consecutive loss which drops them to a 58-61 record.

Ever since Jose Reyes went down again, no Met has been flashing the "Spotlight is on You" sign to his team mates anymore.   So it goes, one can sense the lights going out on the Mets rightful claim to respectability on the field this season.   Is there a correlation?  Or, is it just me?  But, falling three games below .500 again brings all that into question.  

And speaking of Reyes, I thought that was supposed to be just a tweak?  And Ike Davis...there is still no definitive determination on his foot.  And Johan...why push him so hard?  To me, those remain very ponderous medical questions and lingering issues.


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