Wednesday, August 17, 2011

N.Y. Mets ~ Club Pays-Up For Nimmo

From the desk of:  HEAD-BUTTING MR. MET

NEW YORK METS:  Action Speak Louder Than Words.

The Wilpons have either lost their minds and are just silly; numb; or both; with the whole Madoff thing by now, or, Sandy Alderson really has taken charge of operations with; ONE - full autonomy; and TWO - a completely new organizational philosophy.  That mind be stating the obvious, but yes, this has everything to do with the signing of Brandon Nimmo; and a few others from the draft.

In a major departure from the past; at least for the Wilpons; they went above and beyond the Slotting System MLB advises with regard to draftees.  Paul DePodesta went as far to say the Mets went over Slot for many of the Mets' newest prospects.


Who knows if these guys ever pan out.  But the shift in attitude by this organization should be duly acknowledged and applauded.


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