Monday, August 22, 2011

N.Y. Mets ~ Brain Busters

From the desk of:  HEAD-BUTTING MR. MET

NEW YORK METS:  In the immortal words of Aretha Franklin -  " better, THINK!  ...'bout what you tryin' to do to me!  You better, THINK!"

His curve ball follows the curvature of the Earth.   His sinker rises like a weather balloon.   His fastball suffers more drag than Sky-Lab did falling down to Earth.   And the guys’ mind is in orbit.  This space cadet is in dire need of a lobotomy or learning how to sequence his pitches better.   But then again, he’d still need an effective out-pitch; which is his downfall.

Otherwise, he makes his case a tough call because we still like the guy and want to give him that one last chance.  But I assure you, sending Mike Pelfrey to the bullpen is not a remedy for his woes.  I don't know if time is on our (the Club's) side when it comes to options.  I may be off on the logistics, but I wish we could shuffle him off to Buffalo and keep him there until September 5th; ...that's right.....  The last game of Buffalo's regular season.

This man needs to have his psyche impacted and shaken up.  He's thinking way too much and I believe his brain is fried for having been thrust into the Ace's role and not coming through.  More and more, he's exhibiting poor mental make-up.  Additionally, there's a lot of work to be done with regard to an out-pitch; not to mention his whole unimpressive repertoire.

In the Mets' present situation, giving someone a mental make-over and diagnosing a pitcher's failed craftsmanship should not be done from the bullpen, nor on the Major League level.  Impact his brain a little and send him down for three starts where he'll have nothing to think about but throwing a damn ball.  Heck; we should have done this a week ago.  And we just might learn a little more about his make-up after putting him through a demeaning process like that and be better prepared to deal with his situation in the off-season.  Because after all, he is a Scott Boras client. 

Can we do that?

Jose; Jose; Jose;....Why Hurry Jose?

Funny; ...ever since Jose Reyes returned to the dugout to do sprints at Citi Field, the "Spotlight is on You" has returned.  There's a lot to be said about that, among which is his value to the club. 

So why rush back?  And for what?  There is nothing he can do between now and the end of the regular season that will change any one's perception of him; good or bad; on the part of the Mets; us fans; or any other team interested in the soon to be free agent.

At this point in his career, I believe he IS what he IS.  Jose Reyes is one of the most dynamic players in baseball; whether it be on the base paths; in the field; with a bat in his hands; or through his overall exuberance and it's effect on a club.

He is also proven to be injury prone; namely those legs.  And more and more, his lower appendages seem to be; if only slightly; permanently damaged....but hopefully manageable at the same time.  In an effort to keep his legs healthy, he might have to become a player who now plays 147 to 150 games a season by design.

When I play GM, I would have traded him.  That's a different post.  But I'm like you; a Fan.  And he's a Met today.  So why rush him back?  For what?  If we do in fact reach a deal with him this off-season, we still have to rethink the way we utilize him.  What we decide to do this very day, may still work in our benefit down the road.  And if I'm Jose Reyes, ...I get he may know no other way than to play as soon as possible, but it's in his best interest to take it slow also.  And if the Met Doctors are having a routinely bad day, they can potentially ruin him for life.

There is no evidence a divorce between the Mets and Jose Reyes is written in stone.  But to even the staunchest Reyes supporter, I know this latest setback has touched the pragmatist in you.

Ask yourself; -  from this moment forward, will you ever think about Jose Reyes, and not think about his hamstrings ever again?  The rethinking of Jose Reyes has already begun. 

Here's my proposal; $83 million over five years; no more.  Like I said, there is nothing he can do to change my perception of him now.  He is one of the most dynamic players in Baseball with mounting hamstring injuries.  And if his time in New York has proven one thing if we are to move forward with him, is that he will need ample, scheduled days off; his prime years.  But I also say it's a risk.  I'd rather let DePodesta and Ricciardi utilize the compensatory pick(s) and continue their stock-piling  coming off this year's draft.

However, because it's more about what the Club does, than what I want, having Jose Reyes in a Met uniform could never rub me the wrong way.


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