Sunday, August 07, 2011

N.Y. Giants ~ Getting Californicated

NEW YORK GIANTS FOOTBALL:  West Coast Riches Leaves Big Blue With Huge Holes Back In East Rutherford.

Good-bye Kevin Boss; and Thank You. 

He wasn't an All-Time Giant.  Nor was he a especially great Giant.  But Kevin Boss was among the most liked and favorite Giants.  However, he's heading to California having signed a four year deal with the Oakland Raiders.  Yes, Al Davis threw yet another monkey wrench into the League's collective salary structure with another absurd spending package.  But congratulations to Kevin Boss on securing the deal for himself.  The Giants were incapable of matching the guaranteed portion of the offer, so off he goes.  And I for one, am not happy about the development.  Kevin wasn't the best Tight End by a long shot.  But like I said, he was a favorite.  He was a tremendous safety net for Eli with sure hands.  In countless situations, Eli wound up causing Boss to get his bell rung.  But Kevin Boss always got up and kept marching on.  And of course, there was the Super Bowl.

That's the second player the Giants let get away because of the salary cap.  Giant fans are equally dismayed about the departure of Barry Cofield to San Francisco.  It seems as if the Giants are receiving a good-'ol Californication this summer.  In my opinion, the Giants soft white under-belly just got softer and whiter.  With no Cofield plugging the middle of the D-Line, and a tissue-soft Linebacker Corps., I fear the Giants have Big Blue problems.  And the loss of these two players only scratches the surface.

Now Rookie Prince Amukamara has a broken foot.  Wonderful!  For a secondary unit that's had it's problems with injury, he was supposed to be the much needed upgrade.  Remember Kenny Phillips missing his first year?  Here we go again.

Fellow Giant Fans..., I don't know; we already have some Big troubles on Defense this year.  Jerry Reese continues to do little in the way of bolstering our linebacker situation.  We don't have a feel whether Mathias Kiwanuka will play linebacker or whether he will rejoin the defensive line.  And quite honestly, I don't like having that option.  It wreaks of instability.  Until proven otherwise, the secondary remains average at best.  And our defensive front is still in suspended animation with the Osi Drama disrupting team cohesiveness and the over-all plan.

The latest is Osi and his agent offered the Giants to play this season without any snivelling, if the team agrees to release him from the final year of his deal thereby making him a free agent after the season.  If I'm the Giants, I'm jumping all over that offer.  It's the most sensible thing I've heard out of Osi's Camp yet.  Prior to this latest development, Osi was claiming his knee was ailing and required surgery.   What a weak strategy!  Sure, he might need some treatment on his knee.  I'm not insinuating Osi is a liar.  But doesn't the offer to play out the season if they cut him loose from the last year of the deal and a knee in need of an operation directly conflict with each other?  Which one is it?  Can he play or is he hurt? 

Which is it Osi?


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