Wednesday, July 13, 2011

N.Y. METS ~ Stealthy Alderson Strikes In The Night

From the desk of:  HEAD-BUTTING MR. MET

NEW YORK METS: Sandy Alderson Has Now Purged $23 Million Dollars of Minaya Money in 2011.   Rescuing the Wilpons From Their Closer's $17.5 Million Dollar Option Is His Biggest Save to Date.

Sandy Alderson may have just recorded the biggest Save of next season for the Mets' Front Office by finding a team willing to take on the albatross of Francisco Rodriguez' looming 2012 option for a whopping $17.5 million dollars.

Milwaukee, not averse to taking chances these last few years, will hide their best minor leaguers from a prospecting Sandy Alderson, who will be given a list of players to choose two returnees from.  Or, in other words, this was a straight up salary dump and the Mets were less interested in getting players back than they were just ridding themselves of K-Rod and next years' salary.  But the Milwaukee Brewers have drafted extremely well over the last five to seven years and I'm sure Sandy Alderson; DePodesta; and Ricciardi will find something of worth within Milwaukee's system to satisfy the trade.

I'm not calling this the official start of Cleaning House.  This is a deal that needed to be done regardless of the Mets position in the standings.  But the fact is with no trade rumors circulating and no hints or leaks this deal was in the works, it means Sandy Alderson is working the phones furiously and doing it smartly.

I guess the biggest question is... Is this really the start of the Grand Purge?  The trading of Carlos Beltran will go a long way towards answering that question.  In order to be in contention for a playoff spot, the Mets need Carlos Beltran in the line-up.  And, they and need to supplement him with an additional bat.  And quite honestly folks, I don't think that's happening; not when the Mets are paying people to leave Flushing.

It's no big stretch to say Money is dictating what the Mets do between now and the end of the season.  The official purge of (Omar) Minaya Money is now up to $23 million dollars in 2011.  The Mets sent $5 million dollars to Milwaukee as part of the K-Rod deal.  When you factor in the $12 million they ate with Oliver Perez, and the $6 million dollars they swallowed on Luis Castillo, there is no smart way the Mets can justify taking on more salary now to supplement the team with a slugger.  Besides, paying their way out of 2011 just might clear up enough dollars to resign Jose Reyes next year; however doubtful.

If anything, this should serve as notice; A Plan; ...The Plan is in place.  I believe Sandy Alderson did his research upon being named Mets' GM and came to Flushing with a plan in mind but was open and willing to let events on the field perhaps reshape his vision of the team.  But I'm afraid on July 13th, one game over .500 (46-45); isn't enough to reshape a lump of Play-Do.

Changes are coming for sure.  But I don't think they may be as drastic as we all think.  I said in my last posting, injuries have thwarted a full scale shake up of this team.  Injuries may very well keep most of these players together heading into next season; save Jose Reyes and his pending free agency.

After a potential trade of Carlos Beltran, that's all the Mets can realistically pull off; unless other teams find value in some periphery players and are willing to part with raw minor leaguers for a player who can supplement their bench or serve a utility roll.  But again, just like the trading of K-Rod, a trade of Beltran is being precipitated by other, more pressing factors than just being competitive or not.

In some far from blockbuster deals, I'm looking for teams to have interest in R.A. Dickey, Daniel Murphy; and Izzy.  Izzy is already on the block per Sandy Alderson.  But we need to come to grips that Daniel Murphy simple doesn't have a job on this team when Ike Davis and David Wright are on the field.  And the results of his outfield play speak for themselves.  I like Murph; who doesn't?  We all know he can hit a baseball well.  But perhaps he'd be better suited to play in the American League where he can DH more often.  His bat can potentially garner a good prospect in return.

As good as R.A. Dickey has been for the Mets, they should consider selling high with him.  Next years rotation will include a returning Johan Santana, and now young regulars, Niese and Gee.  I'll assume the Mets still have loads of patience with Mike Pelfrey and so that leaves one starting spot left, which I think Sandy Alderson is content with promoting another arm from the farm.  And there are a few arms to chose from.

The trade deadline is eighteen days away.  Sandy Alderson just traded the first big name of the season.  No one saw it coming although we all knew it would happen.  That's a good GM move.  Now we can officially expect more to come.


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