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BKN/NJ NETS ~ Talking Turkey As Barclays Center Rises

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BROOKLYN/NJ NETS:  Deron Williams Off To Turkey?

If you're Nets' GM; Billy King; you can't be happy about your "meal ticket" potentially hauling off to Turkey to play basketball while the NBA lockout runs it's course back here in the USA.  And if Billy King does have a problem with it, he should take it up with David Stern; not that it will help any.

Everything the Nets have done so far, as far as marketing and laying the groundwork for their relocation to Brooklyn has been presented high over the streets of the greater Flatbush Avenue area with Deron Williams as it's central theme.  So much of their drawing power, it is hoped by the Nets Front Office, will hinge on him.  Of course they still need to strike a contact extension with the star Guard.  But so far, Williams seems intrigued by a future in Brooklyn.

For the Nets, there will be nothing but anxiety filled nights and daily worries regarding their star point-guard playing European Basketball.  Obviously, the top concern is injury.  Quite frankly, the Nets can't afford to have anything coming between them; a healthy and signed Deron Williams; on the court or in the pocketbook for that matter.

There's no doubt, the Nets are one of the twenty two organizations David Stern claims have lost money; and therefore why he is instigating this Lock-Out.  The construction of a billion dollar arena; a re-branding in Brooklyn; and a Lock-Out ~ do not good bed fellows make.  How a Lock-Out may trigger future apathy towards the League while trying to sell yourself to a semi-new fan base is something the Nets will have to negotiate very carefully.

Any and all players who opt to play in Europe put all parties; the League; Owners; and Players themselves; in precarious situations that can be avoided with a settlement.

As a fan, I wouldn't ordinarily be so preoccupied with injuries and players playing elsewhere; especially as it applies to Williams.  As a baseball fan, I enjoy the World Classic and MLB players participation in Winter Leagues.  So to say Deron Williams shouldn't play in Turkey would be somewhat hypocritical of me; No?

But I now, like the Club, am more concerned with building towards having the best Opening Night in Brooklyn possible.  As of right now, that means having a healthy Deron Williams signed to a new contract.  Turkey, to all concerned, is just undue stress and works contrary to everything the Nets are trying to achieve; all brought on by this very unnecessary Lock-Out.

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