Wednesday, June 08, 2011

N.Y. YANKEES ~ Big Papi Flips Out The Bombers

From the desk of:  BLAME CARLOS MAY


So what are they gonna do, throw at him?  After the way the Red Sox have manhandled the Yankees this season, maybe they should.

Pffft.  In the immortal words of Yankees' announcer Michael Kay, "C'mon....  Really?  ....Really!?" 

From the words "Play Ball" and Jacoby Elsbury's lead-off home run last night, the Red Sox had the Yankees right where they wanted them; on the field with only one game separating the two teams.

For years, Big Papi has pounded the Yankees.  And for years he's flipped his bat (if not as dramatically as last night) after bashing a home run against them, yet again.  And for years, fans and said announcer have been begging for Papi to either get backed off the plate, or get plunked in the ribs; (Ribs; His words.  Not mine).  And finally, for years, the Yankees have failed to follow through with any overt, aggressive-type approach towards Big Papi.

So, if you're looking for A.J. Burnett to carry over a grudge, forget it.  He ain't going after Papi or anyone.  Number one; it's too late.  That should have been thought about last night.  Number two; He has enough trouble keeping his own game in check, much less curbing another player's appetite for show-boating.  If he does wind up plunking Papi or anyone else, I'm sure it will be because he's struggling and will therefore happen by accident. 

And if Joe Girardi didn't like it, I'd suggest he get a pitcher on the mound who can get him out.  Period.  The play of the game was made by Kevin Youkilis in the first inning when with two outs, the Yanks had the bases loaded.  Nick Swisher smashed one to the Hot Corner where Youk went to his left and made a fine play to retire the Yankees.  Failure to capitalize in that moment, when a base hit could have tied the game, is what did-in the Yanks last night; Not Papi.  Papi was just a punctuation mark on a season long statement the Red Sox are making.

The Yankees entered the game with a one game lead.  Today they are tied for first place.  And if my Spidey-sense serves me correctly, by tomorrow morning, the Yankees will be in second place.

So Flip This.  Who's your Papi?!


(Red Sox Lead Series 1-0)


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