Saturday, June 18, 2011

N.Y. METS ~ The .500 Dream Sequence Redux

From the desk of:  HEAD-BUTTING MR. MET

NEW YORK METS: Hit The Dream Sequence Thing....

Dillon Gee Seizes The Moment; Helps Pitch Mets Back
To .500 Baseball.

Dillon Gee didn't resume pitching after the second rain delay in Atlanta.  But the bullpen, starting with DJ Carrasco then Bobby Parnell finished where Gee left off after four innings pitched.  Through eight innings, the Mets pitchers limited the Braves to two hits while the offense staked the team to a four run lead.

In the top of the eighth, Angel Pagan, who put the Mets ahead in the fourth inning with a two run home run, inexplicably attempted to steal second base but went in standing up and as a result, was tagged out.  Hmmm.  I'm sure Jerry Manuel was somewhere chuckling.

But otherwise, with six more outs separating the Mets from a .500 record, into the eighth inning they went.  Bobby Parnell remained in the game for a second inning trying to hold on to this 4-0 Mets' lead.  He surrendered Atlanta's second hit of the game.  But he also blew away several Braves batters for five strikeouts in two innings of work.

The Mets would go down quietly in the top of the ninth inning.  Then, only three more outs separated the Mets from .500.  The job of closing out this bench-mark win would go to Francisco Rodriguez.

And then you had that falling sensation in your sleep and abruptly woke up
sweaty and in a panic!

It's OK....wake up now.  That was just me toying with Total Recall.  But do you remember that?  If this thing crashes and burns and they recover the little Black Box, that's the stuff you'll hear the last time things appeared all-systems-go before the Mets flew over the Bermuda .500 Percentage Triangle.  Just when they thought they were headed northward in the standings and of .500 itself, they now find themselves headed south again but not really sure where the heck they are.

R.A. Dickey looked lost the other day, and Capuano just looked a little unsure Friday night against the No Where Near Los Angeles Angels.  But put both those margins of error together, and what we find is the Mets are headed way off course of .500 again.

Remember last year right about this time?  They were eleven games over .500 weren't they?  You remember.  I know you do.

I leave you with this little line from THE WHO:

".....I get on my knees and pray....., We don't get fooled again!"

The trick is to compartmentalize.  Tap into your inner pragmatism.


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