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N.J./BKN NETS ~ Nets' CEO Brett Yormark Talks Brooklyn

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BROOKLYN NETS:  Nets' CEO Brett Yormark Spoke With Bill Daughtry This Evening On 1050espn Radio.

On the future name of the Team:
As of right now, the organization favors the BROOKLYN NETS.  Brett Yormark said, "We like Brooklyn".  He believes it will be an incredible brand and that is transcends this market.  He described the likely name, Brooklyn Nets "...strong and bold."  And likes the ring of it.

There was a consideration for NEW YORK NETS because of their Long Island roots in the ABA.  They are dedicated into tapping into their heritage.  He said an announcement regarding team colors, uniforms, and a name, will come by Fall at the latest.

On the Barclays Center Arena:
He praised Bruce Ratner's progress with the arena.  Ratner remains as majority owner of the Barclays Center.  Construction is ahead of schedule.  Brett Yormark expressed hope there would be initial events in June 2012 leading up the Nets Opening.  He said there is an event planned for Labor Day and has over 150 events planned for the initial year of operations.

He said a big celebration is on tap before the NBA season kicks off.  He believes, and is pitching Brooklyn as a supreme venue for older Brooklyn stars (such as Barbara Streisand..etc.) along with being the place for newer Brooklyn stars.

Brett said Boxing and concerts would be scheduled before an opening night in October or November of 2012.

On The Team:
He believes Billy King and Avery Johnson are a strong combo.  And he called Deron Williams the magnet and quarterback of the Nets future.  Deron has indeed been open to Brooklyn and has made his contributions in the team's promotions.  His likeness is being used in billboards all over town (see phone booth above).  However his future is still unknown.  Overall, Brett Yormark called Brooklyn the transformation of the team.

He pointed to improvements made on the court this past season, their ability to make a trade, and harbors high hopes for the up-coming draft.  He also offered the obligatory, "the best years are ahead."

The question was posed about playing out a season in somewhat of a lame-duck status next season as it being the last one in Newark before the move.  Yormark responded by saying the goal was to be competitive and relevant.  Brooklyn makes that possible on a much bigger level.  There are 2.5 million people in Brooklyn and there are many of them anticipating the move.  Aided by the Long Island Railroad and 9 NYC subway connections serving the area, the Nets can be a tri-state team he said.  There is still a commitment to the N.J. fans.  And Yormark told of his surprise as to the response by N.J. season ticket holder's and their eagerness to renew subscriptions in spite of the team moving.

On the Knicks:
Healthy competition is good.  Once the Nets are in Brooklyn, he's envisioning a rivalry with the Knicks and Nets providing New York City with the biggest moments in winter sports.


Pay Phone: Garfield Place and 5th Avenue


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