Saturday, June 25, 2011

Newark Bears ~ Quebec Shows Who's Boss In CanAm

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NEWARK BEARS: Capitales Flex Their CanAm Might.  Brick City Bows In Opening Game of Series to First Place Club.

Quebec's starter; John Mariotti; was generous when he allowed the Bears two runs over six innings.  However, the Quebec bullpen wasn't as benevolent.  Over three innings they allowed one hit while striking out three.

In my LAST POST,  I said the Bears' starting pitching needed to start supplying the team with some length; that the bullpen was getting overly taxed.  So, Victor Gonzalez took the mound for Newark and lasted exactly 1.2 innings in Friday night's start.  The bullpen was tasked to cover the remaining 6.1 innings.  Kyle Morrison was made to pitch three innings and wound up giving up three runs.

It was a quiet night for the Bears' bats.  They totalled only five hits all game in losing 7-2.

Alex Smith will pitch for Newark Saturday night.  He has to go deep into tonight's game; I'm talking six innings deep with the possibility he can start the seventh.  He is 3-1 this season and hopefully he'll be able to keep his walks allowed to a minimum.  He's pitched as long as seven innings twice before and six innings once in five starts this season.  The Bears very desperately need one of those lengthy starts tonight. 

The Bears are catching a break in a sense as they face Quebec's Karl Gelinas tonight.  He's given up 32 hits in 31 innings pitched and his ERA is a lofty 5.23 in five appearances this season.  So, perhaps he represents the best chances for the Bears to tie this series and force a rubber game tomorrow. 

The Bears have managed to miss Quebec's two top pitching studs; Bryan Rembisz and Matthew Rusch.  But if John Marriotti was any indication of what they can do, then yes indeed, the Bears hit Quebec with the Capitales starting rotation timed just right to optimize their chances against them.

Newark's record dropped to 16-12 but they stayed in third place.  New Jersey remains in second place.  Both teams remain behind the Quebec Capitales who now sport a 21-6 record for the season.



Quebec Capitales


(Quebec leads series 1-0)

CORRECTION:  Tonight's probable starter; Alex Smith; did not start for Newark.  Aaron Kalb was the starting pitcher instead.


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