Sunday, June 19, 2011

Newark Bears ~ Pelted Again By Brockton Rox

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NEWARK BEARS:  It's Raining ROX in Brick City.

OK; - These Rox from Brockton are starting to become a real problem.  After giving them a good clawing in their place a week ago, Brockton packed their nail files for this follow-up series in Newark.  And after two games in The Den, Brockton remains scratch free.

In two games since returning from Massachusetts, the Bears have suffered two losses thanks to Brockton.  Although in Friday night's slug fest, it wasn't for a lack of trying.  In something more akin to a softball game in the school yard, the Bears fell three runs short in a 17-14 game.  But then allowing Brockton to score another eleven runs in Saturday's affair...?  Twenty-eight runs in two games?  Yea, that's a problem.

Newark starting pitcher; Jacob Wild; and his follow-up; Kyle Morrison; quite simply, got wrecked by the Rox.  Brockton pelted Jacob with eight hits on their way to seven runs in five innings.  Jacob Wild helped them along with four walks.  Done with him for the day, Brockton then stoned Kyle Morrison for another four runs on three hits over one and a third innings in relief.

Pitching; Pitching; Newarks' case is like salmon.  As it goes, so will the Bears.  Good pitching equals fat Bears.  A scarcity in pitching and these Bears will go hungry. 

Scoring twenty runs in two games should be worth something.  Newark's Saturday night line-up sported a combined .299 batting average.  That ain't just berries.  However that number has been in decline lately.  Tim Raines Jr.'s batting average has dropped from the lofty altitudes of .400 down to below .350 (.348).  Early season hot hitters, Billy Alvino and Danny Santiesteban, have cooled off also.  But even in decline, there has been enough offense for Newark's pitchers to work with.

Brockton now overtakes Newark for the second best record in the League.  Last night's Rox win gives Brockton a record of 14-8.  Newark drops to 13-9; good for third best overall.  But everyone is looking up at the Quebec Capitales.  Winners of their last ten in a row, the overall season leaders sport a sparkling 18-4 record on the young season.

The Bears will try and salvage the last game of this series against Brockton today and hopefully start getting their recent pitching woes turned around.  Newark's Jersey local; Aaron Kalb; will start for the Bears.


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