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NEWARK BEARS ~ Brick City Nine Claw the N.Y. Feds


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Newark Bears:  N.Y. Federals Get Clawed in Brick City.

I don't have the heart to kick a team when they're down; not when they are the New York Federals.  They are a team largely comprised of players from the New York State League; D-League of the CanAm League; formed to provide a schedule comprised of eight teams.

However, Eddie Lantigua; first baseman of the Federals, is proving to be an early season slugger.  Eddie jumped out to the season lead in home runs with 3 and has driven in a league's second best 9 RBI.  Lantigua lost his lead position for RBI this afternoon when Newark Bear's outfielder Tim Raines Jr. passed him with a now league leading tenth RBI.

Unfortunately for both teams, after the first week of the season, they both came into tonight's game holding up the rest of the League.  The Feds sat in last place sporting a 1-5 record while the Bears fared little better in seventh place with a 2-4 record.

In describing what happened between these two teams in their first ever meeting, is when this story becomes all Bears folks.  They pounded the Federals this evening 12-3 on the strength of fifteen hits.

Starting pitcher for Newark; Jacob Wild, pretty much determined what kind of day the Feds would have.  And their outlook wasn't good.  Wild kept the Feds out the the Bears hair over the 6 innings he pitched.

Jacob Wild's Line:
6 ~ innings pitched.
3 ~ hits.
0 ~ runs.
1 ~ walk.
6 ~ strikeouts.

The bullpen and defense suffered a late game brain cramp.  But otherwise, the Bears were in complete control of this contest. 

Coach Raines returned his son, Tim Raines Jr. to his more traditional two-spot in the order after batting him clean-up the game prior.  As mentioned above, Tim responded tonight by overtaking the CanAm League's lead in RBI with ten when he connected on his third home run of the season during a five run Newark fifth inning which made the score 8-0.  Four more runs in the eighth inning and the Feds were a beaten bunch. 

Raines' batting average remains above .400 (.414) after week one, which is good enough for fourth in the League.  On that note, amazingly, Newark's number nine batter and catcher; Billy Alvino, is batting .478 - good for second in the league.

Right fielder Danny Santiesteban blasted a three run home run of his own.  As a matter of fact, the Bears cracked five home runs in all Thursday.  As mentioned, Danny and Tim Raines - but Billy Alvino, Brian Nichols, and Daryle Ward all homered for the Bears tonight.

1B- Daryle Ward had himself a rather big day also, going 3 for 4; 3 RBI; and two runs scored.  He's batting .385 so far this season.

However, someone I suggested we all keep an eye on; Todd Gossage is still struggling mightily.  He suffered through an 0 for 4 tonight while lugging a .160 batting average around.  He was also the only Bear not to get a hit tonight.  He's currently hitting eighth in the order ahead of Billy Alvino.  Billy had himself another productive night going 2 for 3 with 2 RBI and a walk.  And you'd think with a little scouting after a week in the books, teams will seek to pitch to Gossage more as opposed to facing Alvino.  Let's hope.  If Coach Raines keeps the bottom of the order as is, perhaps Todd starts seeing better pitches so as to break out of this funk he's in.

By game's end, the Bear's starting nine batters left the field with a collective .333 batting average.  They might have padded their stats somewhat against the Federals tonight.  But more importantly, they skipped over Worcester in the standings to get another position away from last.  The Bears record is now 3-4 after week one; in sixth place and three games out of first.

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