Friday, May 20, 2011

SUBWAY SERIES ~ Round One; Mets Visit The Bronx

From the desks of:  HEAD-BUTTING MR. MET - and - BLAME CARLOS MAY


(SP - R.A. Dickey)
new york YANKEES
(SP - Freddie Garcia)

161st Street and River Avenue

Once Security makes sure your cell phone is really a cell phone, The New York Bankees Spankees Dankees Yankees do not allow fans to bring ANYTHING into the Stadium.  So if you aren't wearing it, Leave It Home!  And don't stand in one place for longer than five seconds.  You'll get yelled at by Security because that's some one's expensive Standing Room Only section you'll be loitering in...., so beat it!  And don't touch anything.  That will get you in trouble also.  Just shut-up, spend lots of money and don't draw any attention to yourself by rooting out loud.  Security doesn't like that either.  Oh yea..., don't look at anyone on the other side of the moat.  It makes the aristocracy feel uncomfortable when we do that.  Otherwise, if you're going to the House Across The Street From Where The House Where Sparky Used To Spit was, have a great time tonight!

The Metropolitan Mash Unit takes on the Bronx County Geriatrics tonight in the 15th installment of the annual home and home Subway Series.  Round One will be played in The House That No One Can Afford To Go.

Who cares which team these games means more to.  I'm tired of them and want to see them go away.  I was much happier when these teams played each other in the Mayor's Trophy Game.  I'm just tired of inter-league all together.  Basta!

But it is what it is....

The Yankees sport a record of 23-19, while the Mets have stormed back from an atrocious April start to gain themselves a 21-22 record entering this series.  The Mets are coming in Hurt and the Yankees are just Old.  Pick your poison.  Age is only two games better than Hurt right now.  In that respect, these teams are a wash.

R.A. Dickey is tonight's X-factor.  The plan is to baffle the Yankees' hitters all night and ruin their swings for the next two games.  But that's only if Dickey's knuckle ball shows up tonight.  That pitch has been coming in very flat this season and as a result he's been going to his non-existent fastball more.  So, if his knuckle ball doesn't flutter, the Mets can forget it.  Then tonight just may be the night Jeter, Posada, and ARod all get invigorated and kick-start their seasons. 

Freddie Garcia means nothing to me.  He's as negligible as any other hurler hanging onto his career.  If he winds up throwing an impressive game tonight, it's because it came against the AAAA-Mets.  But these quadruple-A Mets have been a gritty bunch under Terry Collins.  So maybe Terry's Sub's tenacity and a Freddie Garcia stinker, gets Mets fans happily through the night and back home safe.



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