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N.Y. METS ~ Wilpon The Elder Pops Off

From the desk of:  HEAD-BUTTING MR. MET


HEAD-BUTTING MR. MET  101  ~  Refresher Course:

The SAUL B. KATZ DILEMMA =  Proper Noun; -  alternate name for Fred Wilpon, but also refers to his son Jeff Wilpon; and at times, both together. 
Noun;  1) - the state of existence under sole ownership of the Wilpons.  2) - Saul Katz' partnership with the Wilpons.
Adjective; - used to describe the folly of Wilponianism; the state of constant chaos under sole Wilpon Ownership.

WILPONIANISM = the era within which this team exists in the years after Nelson Doubleday sold his half of the team to Fred Wilpon.  We are currently in Met Year 9 A.D. ~ After Doubleday.

Unlike Carlos Beltran in 2006, Fred Wilpon Decided To Go Down Swinging.

I've been a Met Fan since the last time Tug McGraw, Rusty Staub, and Tom Seaver all played at Shea together.   This team was once Amazin' to me.   Now it's just bizarre.

Wilpon the Elder spoke.  And Fred said what?

The owner who banned newspapers from the clubhouse in 2007 because he didn't want his team reading negative articles, just offered up plenty of new reading material for the team to avoid.  For a guy who shunned controversy at every turn, Fred Wilpon just ran towards the fire.  The New York Metropolitan BBC principle owner did a lot of talking about his team to writer Jeffrey Toobin back in April from his Citi Field suite, and apparently had every intention of letting everyone know what was on his mind.

But what did he say? - Nothing we weren't saying ourselves.  But this comes from an owner for whom this seems a bit out of character.  Fred is a reserved guy.  So this is like having Porn-of-the-Mouth for him.  First, some of Fred Wilpon's comments:

On Reyes ~ "He thinks he's going to get Carl Crawford money...  He's had everything wrong with him.  He won't get it."

On Beltran ~ "We had some schmuck in New York who paid him based on that one series.  He's 65 to 70 percent of what he was."

On Wright ~ "Really good kid.  A very good player.  Not a superstar."

On Ike Davis ~ "Good hitter,  ...$h!t team.  Good hitter."

Well, lets' just say I can't wait for the rest of the article to come out because it's fascinating hearing Fred Wilpon speak like this.  Back when Fred Wilpon announced Vince Coleman.., "Will never wear a Mets uniform again!" he got pretty hot about it.  When Doc Gooden tested positive for cocaine the first time, Mr. Wilpon was exceedingly supportive of his pitcher.  Then when Doc Gooden tested positive a second time, Fred Wilpon showed open disgust and effectively banished Gooden from Flushing for a long time.

Fred Wilpon used to complain out loud that he couldn't find his GM when Joe McIlvaine occupied that post, and that Joe didn't return his calls.  And then you'd have to fast-forward to when Fred fired Steve Phillips and Bobby Valentine and tapped into his inner-Leon Hess when he muttered, "I wanna win!" for times he was outwardly expressive.

In thirty years, that's the most we ever got out of Fred Wilpon.  Then the Madoff Scandal broke.  And now today, we were gifted with some very candid comments made by the Mets' embattled owner.

Like I said, Fred Wilpon didn't say anything we weren't already thinking.  Jose Reyes; David Wright; and Ike Davis? - Check, check, and check.  The only question I have regarding his Carlos Beltran assessment is who exactly was Fred calling a schmuck?  Was he talking about himself, or was he calling Omar Minaya a schmuck?  It doesn't really matter because he's right either way.

For the most part, I want to say good for him.  Say what you feel Fred!  We know you care but it's good to say things out loud sometimes. So...., Bravo?

But what's with the timing Dude?  If your current General Manager plans on trading some of these guys because YOU can't afford to retain them, why knock them and disclose your lack of satisfaction with them now?  Number one, - that should have been done years ago when Omar was still here.  Number two, - you just gave teams latitude to stall and skimp on any potential deal.  So based on that alone, I'd have to agree with your assertion that there is indeed a schmuck back in New York.  But again, tell us something we didn't already know Fred.

I get it.  Fred's Empire is in peril and he's frustrated.  Who wouldn't be frustrated?  And what he said didn't exactly cut like a hot knife through butter.  If any of the players mentioned are offended, they need thicker skin then.  David Wright already said there's nothing productive he can say about Fred's comments in light of what he's going through.  It was a good move by David to take that tact.  And hey, sometimes the truth hurts.  All the players are better off leaving this one alone.

This wasn't a George Steinbrenner moment.  That's too strong.  The Boss was different.  I was thinking Leon Hess.  But Fred was always more involved and passionate than Leon was.  To me, this is like a John Mara moment from two years ago when John voiced overt disgust with his team's performance at season's close.  But I don't dare compare the two owners.  There is no comparison.  There is only this moment to speak of.

No one knows yet how the Wilpon's Madoff troubles will end.  Fred Wilpon is now 74 years old and by his own words, owns a $h!t team.  So what are we the fan base supposed to say to that? 

"You're right!" ?

C'mon Fred; - This is all stuff you should have been concerned with in 2008 and yelling at Omar Minaya for instead of having lunch and getting all gonzo with a writer in your Citi Field suite three years later.  It's all in the timimg Dude.  You looked just as bad throwing us all this curve ball today as Carlos Beltran did taking that curve ball in 2006.

Don't get me started about how after Frank Cashen, you fostered in inbred Front Office.  I don't want to have to do that...again!

Welcome to MET YEAR 9 A.D. ~ After Doubleday; The Age of Wilponianism continues.

Today Met Fans, we were treated to something I like to call, The SAUL B. KATZ DILEMMA, ...again!

It just never stops.


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