Tuesday, May 31, 2011

N.Y. METS ~ Young Battery Juices Up Flushing

From the desk of:  HEAD-BUTTING MR. MET

NEW YORK METS:  Dillon Gee and Josh Thole have become a very effective Battery for the Mets.

Dillon Gee continues to sparkle for the Mets.  On Memorial Day, he treated the Military Members in attendance at Citi Field to another fine performance.  With Monday's win, Gee improved his record to 5-0 this season.  He pitched marvelously and followed up on Jon Niese's fine performance from Sunday. 

In my last post I stressed how important that was to me; that Gee and Niese start doubling-up on wins.  Well, Gee followed through in the best manner possible.

7 ~ innings pitched.
102 ~ pitches.
5 ~ hits.
3 ~ runs/earned.
0 ~ walks allowed.
8 ~ strikeouts.

I wanted the Mets to promote him slowly this season.  But since he's been on the big club, who can argue with the results?  And I know for a fact many in the Media were never sold on this kid.  Now all of a sudden the accolades are trickling in.  They're so wishy-washy sometimes.

I've mentioned before, I've been following him since his days in Brooklyn.  HEAD-BUTTING MR. MET is riddled with my appreciation for Dillon Gee.


And how many times this season have Dillon Gee and Josh Thole combined forces to win games for this team?  Three of Gee's wins were aided largely in part by the bat of Josh Thole.  So, I might as well say it now, because I like to whenever I get the chance;  JOSH THOLE is my catcher of choice; today; tomorrow; next year and beyond.

Again, he is another player like Gee who hasn't won over the Media.  Although in Thole's case the results in the batter's box speak for themselves.  But I have no interest in what they think regarding Thole.  And his .230 batting average matters even less to me. 

I am terribly confident in this kid and refuse to judge him based on what he's done in 2011 so far.  I say with great confidence, he will be fine and supply this team with solid slugging and become a fine receiver also. 

He won't be 25 years old until the off-season.  Let him learn his craft.  I just hope he outlasts the naysayers and plays his way into Sandy Alderson's future plans for the Mets.


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