Monday, May 16, 2011

N.Y. METS ~ David Wright's Back Begs For Questions

From the desk of:  HEAD-BUTTING MR. MET

NEW YORK METS:  What's Up Now..., Doc?

The Mets are broke in the pocket book and they are broken as players.  I'm not talking about broken spirits.  I mean the Mets are literally breaking apart.  David Wright is most likely the next Met headed for the Disabled List with a stress fracture in his lower back. 

Uh oh! 

David Wright joins Ike Davis, Henrry Mejia, Chris Young, Bobby Parnell, and Angel Pagan, as ONLY THE LATEST Mets to hit the Hurt Squad.  The fragility of this team over the last three years has been totally bizarre.  One after another, after another, they succumbed to injuries.  In some cases they were freakish injuries.  Other cases turned out to be more debilitating than the club originally thought. 

Oh!  Abner Doubleday... Why have you forsaken us?

I'm not a Doctor and I didn't sleep in a Holiday Inn last night...,  But the Mets knew something hasn't been right with Wright since they played Houston on April the who cares!  It's already the sixteenth day of May! 

This brings me back to the Mets' Medical Staff again.  I'm not being silly.  Ike, Mejia, Young, and Pagan are not their fault.  Bobby Parnell is a tougher call.  But he escapes my point also. 

The Mets have known about David Wright's back for damn near a month now.  The Mets let the Carlos Beltran knee situation linger too long.  The Mets continually flip-flopped with Carlos Delgado's hip.  The same Med Staff took yet another strike call without a swing when Jose Reyes blew his jets too.  Johan Santana?  Ditto; too much indecision.

Remember the Maine; what John Maine lied about, the Mets couldn't find anyway.  His arm was a mess and they just let him keep going thinking he was......(I don't know), malingering?  While we're at it, why don't we just go back to Ryan Church's concussion since I brought up the topic of malingering.  BOY!...did Jerry Manuel the Mets get that one wrong.

So back to what the Mets Med Staff knew about David's back and when they knew it.  David just better get his own, independent, second and third opinion pronto.  Pay for it out of pocket if he has to and if the Mets don't like it - tough, because I wouldn't let them administer a Band-Aid on me.  Now we know why the Carlos Beltran situation sparked up like an unexpected brush fire on a bright sunny day catching everyone off guard like it did Omar Minaya.

Today, Sandy Alderson only sounded smarter than Omar and John Ricco combined did when they went into damage control over Beltran-Gate.  But, today Sandy could offer no more substance than those two could because....all he could offer is based on what the Med Staff is telling him.  Read between the lines on that one and all arrows point to the Wilpons again.  Maybe Sandy Alderson needs to clean the Med Staff offices out too, and hire a new staff of Quacks.

Injuries are one thing, but the way the Mets' Med Staff sits on situations sometimes is ruinous.  Why did the MRI take so long?


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