Thursday, May 19, 2011

N.Y. METS ~ Back to Back Stellar Starts Beat Nationals

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NEW YORK METS: Bullpen Indeed!

Dillon Gee just showed everyone why he should have never been in the bullpen when he was called up from Buffalo.  The kid is a starting pitcher; period.  There's a job description that comes along with that which states - START GAMES. 

If you recall, I wanted him no where near our bullpen.  For that I would have preferred he stay with the Bisons.  Truth be told, I wish he was still back in Buffalo.

But here is; the former 2007 Brooklyn Cyclone crowd favorite.  And since being called up after the first time Chris Young missed a start due to discomfort, Dillon Gee has done nothing but sparkle just about every time he's climbed atop a Major League mound.  This afternoon's victory over the Nationals make him 3-0 on the season and 5-2 for his brief MLB career.

TODAY'S LINE vs. Washington Nationals:
7.2 innings pitched.
107 pitches/69 strikes
2 hits.  No hits allowed over first 5.2 innings.
0 runs allowed.
3 walks allowed.
3 strikeouts.

Today's victory should be kept in perspective.  After all, it came against Washington with whom we are wrestling with to stay out of last place.  But being what it is, the kid pitched a hell of a game.  And it doubled up an equally impressive start by Jon Niese last night in rain-soaked Citi Field.

JOHN NIESE Line a/o May 18th vs. Nationals:
7.0 innings.
112 pitches/72 strikes.
6 hits.
0 runs allowed.
1 walk
7 strikeouts.

Hey!  Who can find an issue with that?  And Mike Pelfrey has been stringing together some solid starts of late also.  So, let's chalk one up for some home grown pitchers, won't we?

This Is How ADDITION By SUBTRACTION Works;  Pay Attention:
I'm not about to predict anything about Justin Turner, but this kid justifies every reason why second-base needed to be freed from Luis Castillo's clutches.  It showed how malignant 2b had become and how a stagnated situation can cripple a team.  You can argue that we had to get through Brad Emaus to get to Turner.  But the point is 2b became available for someone to step in and make good on a chance.  Yes, the Mets have problems.  But second base is so much less of a problem today that it has been in four years.  Not because how well Turner has stepped in, but because the opportunity for someone to step in, in the absence of Luis Castillo, was made available by his release.

The Mets are 7-3 with Justin in the line-up.  He's batting .333 since being called up from Buffalo and his .393 OBP is stellar.  The kid also has 13 RBI in ten games!

And there you go; One Happy Post.

We aren't playing all that badly lately.  We've taken some series' against teams we should have beaten, but you play who's on the schedule.  We now sit 21-22 for the season.  The New York Yankees are next.  It's time for the Subway Series again.    ....(next post).

Let's Go Mets!


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