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NJ/BKN NETS ~ No SIGNS of Letting Up

From the desk of:  The HOOPS of FLATBUSH

NJ/BKN NETS:  Intensifying Their Presence in Brooklyn.

Deron Williams of the Nets characterized Barclays Center as becoming a BALLER'S PARADISE once it's completed on his Facebook account.  I hope he still feels that way when it's time to extend his contract.  His agent however, is saying his client speaks very positively about the team and their potential for growth with next year's move to Brooklyn looming.  That's good news for the Nets who've made him the front-man in their continuing billboard campaign promoting the move into the Borough of Kings.

Although previously maintaining two billboards in the area, the Knicks currently do not have a roof-top or building-side presence.  The Nets now have two prominent signs on Flatbush Avenue.  The first came earlier in April (left) at the intersection of Flatbush Avenue at Eighth Avenue;

WELCOME TO BROOKLYN - Featuring Deron Williams; including a depiction of Barclays Center.

To kick-off the month of May, the Nets have secured a second location.  They've placed their mark atop a corner business at Flatbush Avenue and Fulton Street; one block away from JUNIOR'S CAFE.  Both signs are designed to be seen by Manhattan-bound traffic.  This location is closer to street level and the sign is easier to spot that the one on Eighth Avenue.  Unless detected early, the Eighth Avenue sign can potentially take a driver's eye off the road.  Travelling north-bound on Flatbush Avenue, this sign will sneak up on you because of the change in Flatbush Avenue's angle at Nevins Street.  The sign is undetectable to south-bound traffic.


Looking North Along Flatbush Avenue; Manhattan Bridge Bound.

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    Also a billboard coming over the Pulaski bridge into Greenpoint


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