Tuesday, April 05, 2011

N.Y. RANGERS ~ Good News; Bad News

Blueshirts Claw Back At Bruins
Seize The Night And Go Beat Boston
Bigger Heart Wins Out Over Big Bodies

Vinny Prospal:  The Veteran Is Leading The Way.
His contributions to the team since his return from injury have been enormous.  Start with being near great, and keep crediting him from there.  While he was down, many of the Ranger Kids got called up and brought a lot of spunk with them.  They effectively kept us in this Eastern Conference race through the middle of Winter.  So, I was leery of the older players returning looking for playing time.  It's just a mindset I get into when I see a change towards youth and exuberance.  I start tuning out players I envision no future with.  But Vinny Prospal has provided the Rangers with a blast from the past, and has been one of the biggest leaders on this team.  His return didn't exactly reignite Marian Gaborik's game like many thought.  But his over-all effect, and personal effort have been tremendous.

...And Down Goes Ryan Callahan!

The win over the Boston Bruins proved costly to us after-all.   Personally, the news was deflating upon receipt this afternoon.  And honestly, I'm at a loss for words.

The jubilation of last night's win over the Boston Bruins was short-lived wasn't it?  If you were there or were watching yesterday's game on TV, you saw Ryan Callahan block a Zdeno Chara shot and go down.  He struggled off the ice and didn't return.  Today we received the bad news; Ryan Callahan will miss the rest of the season with a broken ankle.  The Rangers' unofficial Captain is done.  The Rangers best forward line is done.  Their leader; the core; the identity of the Rangers is down.

That's my reaction to the news.  More to come.


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