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N.Y. RANGERS ~ Boudreau vs. The MSG Crowd; Game Four


Coach Bruce Boudreau Called MSG and N.Y. Ranger Fans

Waking The Sleeping Giant?
Coach Boudreau Will be Very Popular Tonight.

..The World's Most Famous Arena

Eastern Conference Stanley Cup Playoffs

I hope the Head Coach of the Washington Capitals realizes he gave the MSG crowd an open invitation to be completely obnoxious tonight.

I'm not quite sure what Coach Bruce Boudreau set out to accomplish by saying what he did, but I'm positive the hospitality he'll receive at Madison Square Garden tonight, won't be something he'll find pleasant.  Then again, he knows the series is headed back to Washington and just may be prepping his own home-ice crowd for their return.  He was after all speaking on a Washington local radio show.  But Coach Boudreau never had a problem telling people how he felt.

We know he's right about the place.  But we just don't  need to hear it from him; and especially now.  I don't mind at all that he took a few shots at Madison Square Garden and us; the fans.  Why?  Because we'll handle that one ourselves.  We'll get our chance to respond way before they drop the puck.  It should be fun.

As far as his on-ice accusations regarding Marc Staal's high hit on Green..., that's straight out of The School of Phil Jackson; Working the Refs 101.  I liked Coach Torts' response to Boudreau's snivelling.  Coach Torts insisted he has trust in the League to conduct their business correctly.  Coach knew exactly who he was talking to.  And I assure you he wasn't thinking about Coach Boudreau when he said that.

Can you blame Coach Boudreau though?  All the pressure is on Washington to win.  They are the Number One seed versus the Eight Seed.  The Rangers are mere kids, with a few fossils sprinkled in versus Men.  Washington is supposed to be the team at the precipice of greatness; - Not us.  Torts said we're not good enough.  And he's right.  But we'll out-work you.

There's a lot of pressure on Washington to prevent the New York Rangers from tying this series.  Especially after the way Washington exited the playoffs last year.  The Capitals and their Coach have never denied last season plays a part in their mindset today.

So if we're talking about Bruce Boudreau these last two days, I guess the Coach did well by getting Media attention on him and away from his team.

But was it worth the reception he'll receive tonight?  Doesn't he know New Yorkers aren't easily insulted...but that we can be quite combustible when provoked?

Let's Go Rangers!!

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