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N.Y. RANGERS ~ Blueshirts Need Sympathy From The Devils

Please allow me to introduce myself, 
I'm a man of who bleeds Ranger Blue.
I've been rooting well over thirty long years,
for a Team that disappoints you.

And I was 'round in nineteen seventy-nine,
When Greschner's goal caused Islanders pain.
Made damn sure the Isle fans,
dropped their heads, and cried in vain.

Pleased to meet you,
Hope we win this game.
But what's puzzling me,
Is the nature of our pain.

I stuck around Seventh Avenue,
When we chanted Glen Sather's name in vain.
And here we are in game eighty two,
chasing the eighth playoff spot yet again.

I wrote a check,
At the owner's behest,
For renovations,
And the bars they'll make.

Pleased to meet you,
We have to win this game!  Ooh Yea.
But what's puzzling me,
Is why Avery can't get into the game!  Oh Yea!
Woo Who    Woo Who

I remember with glee,
When Messier scored three.
When he guaranteed that game,
And won for you and me!
Woo Who   Woo Who

I shouted out
what ails the Rangers,
When after all,
it was Chris Drury.

Let me please introduce myself,
I'm a fan that bleeds Ranger Blue.
They socked us with a 29% increase,
And they want us to keep Glen Sather too.

Pleased to meet you,
I hope you feel my pain.
But what's confusing you,
Is the fact Here We Go Again.

So if you meet me,
have some empathy,
have some sympathy,
then run away in haste.
Use all your given speed to flee,
or our Karma will lay your soul to waste.

Um Yea! 
Get Down!
WoooWho   WoooWho  WoooWho 
What's my name?


Dancing With The Devils

GAME #82

Last Chance To Make

New York Rangers


NEW YORK RANGERS:  There are exactly sixty regulation minutes left in the Blueshirt's season.  And we still don't know who will show up Saturday.

The Devils' valiant charge towards the playoffs fell just a little bit short.  Just a smidgen of a better start and the Rangers wouldn't even be in this conversation.  IF the Devils had managed to get their act together just a wee-bit earlier, the Rangers are definitely out of the playoffs and tomorrow's game is mute instead of it having meaning only to the Rangers' chances at the post-season.  But I know, Devils fans know, and we Rangers fans all know, New Jersey would love nothing more than to invite misery over for dinner because we all know misery loves company.  Devil fans won't have the playoffs to enjoy for the first time in a very long time.  But they can still have tomorrow.  Beating the Rangers would make them feel good; I'm sure.

I'm not trying to take credit for common knowledge.  If you followed my Ranger posts, you know full well I predicted this long ago.  It's not something I'm happy about.  But it's something we all sensed was going to happen.  We are playing the New Jersey Devils on the last game of the season, needing two full points for a chance to make the playoffs.  The Rolling Stones have a song that describes our dilemma beautifully.  It's called Dancin' With Mr. D.  As you see, I've had the Rolling Stones on the mind tonight.

The Rangers are a big stone, rolling downhill, gaining momentum, and right out of the playoffs.   That's how critical ONE game is during this time of year.  And the Rangers have certainly tripped over their fair share of rocks to get them in this situation...Again.

Will the team that made mince-meat out of Washington a few times this season show up Saturday?  Will the same team that defeated the Flyers twice in their last two meetings show up?  Will the team who played their biggest game of the season against Boston and won this year's series against them show up?  Pittsburgh; Montreal; Vancouver; San Jose; Chicago; - We beat them all.  Will that team show up tomorrow against the New Jersey Devils?

OR, will the team that played down to Buffalo's back-up goalie; the team that played down to Atlanta's back-up goalie;  the team who couldn't get up for a game against Florida and Ottawa; the team that got thoroughly whooped-up on by the New York up?

Will it be no goals; one goal?  Or will it be five goals or six?  Which is it going to be?  Talk to me Saturday at about 3:30pm.

as of Thursday

Atlanta Thrashers 3
New York Rangers 2

Tie breakers are not in the Rangers favor.  The only thing they had in their favor was two season saving games versus Philadelphia and Boston.; being able to play the last three games of the season at home; and managing to hold on to their own destiny.

All that is now off the table.  The Rangers officially need help.  How they continually play smart, spirited and winning Hockey against the League's more elite teams, then offer up stinkers like they did against the fading Thrashers is beyond comprehension.

Know this; If the Rangers season is lost, never forget the names of Jhonas Enroth and Ondrej Pavelec.  Those are Buffalo's and Atlanta's goalies respectively.  Both of them shut the Blueshirts out.  After you ingrain those two names and games into your medulla oblongata , remember how the New York Islanders thoroughly punked us out and there-in lies your explanation as to why the Rangers fell in the standings like a piano out of the sky.

Sean Avery ~ 8:19 of ice time?  Really Coach?  Don't tell me it's not personal.

Friday Night Freights For The Rangers
April 8, 2011




#1 ~ Washington
#2 ~ Philadelphia
#3 ~ Boston
#4 ~ Pittsburgh
#5 ~ Tampa Bay
#6 ~ Montreal ~ 94 Points
#7 ~ Buffalo ~ 94 Points

#8 ~ Carolina ~ 91 Points *(own tie-breakers vs NYR)
#9 ~ NEW YORK RANGERS ~ 91 Points

It's just us, and Carolina. 
Buffalo clinched their playoff spot Friday night.


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  1. They can still clinch the last place. I hope they all do their best in this last game. Its going to be a do or die game.


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