Friday, April 01, 2011

N.Y. RANGERS ~ Blueshirts Get Pucked-Up By The Islanders

NEW YORK RANGERS:  The Blueshirts Got Punked!

New York Rangers  2
New York Islanders 6

Rattled; Battered; Bullied; Demoralized; Embarrassed; Humiliated: Disrespected; Intimidated:

In addition to all the above, - We Got Punked!  The guys from the city went out to Long Island with a throng of fans in tow, thinking they were going to roll a bunch of hicks in their own school yard.  The city boys flat out got their asses kicked!  News at Eleven!

It's not like the Islanders haven't been involved in these game-long melees before?  Coach Capuano's club had absolutely nothing to lose and most reasonably minded Hockey fans could have seen this game coming.  Do not get me wrong.  I'm not disparaging the Islanders in any way.  I'm not blaming them for anything about this game.

My ire is reserved for the New York Rangers for allowing themselves to get punked-out.  I blame them for leaving their spines in Buffalo.  The New York Islanders made the Rangers look like jelly-fish Thursday night.

The Blueskirts got shut-out by Buffalo's back-up goalie then followed it up with one pathetic goal against their former draft pick; Al Montoya.  It might have well been a shut-out because the Rangers never had a chance.  The Rangers first goal to open up the scoring was nothing more than a pretty smile before a date from hell.

The Islanders pretty much dominated the early portion of the first period until Vinny Prospal got the Rangers on the scoreboard.  Then our Long Island neighbors spent the rest of the first period trying everything in their power to give us the game. But the Rangers wouldn't accept. The Islanders started running wild taking punk-penalties; four to be exact, and the Rangers never capitalized.  All hostilities were precipitated by a Marian Gaborik Boarding penalty. 

After four unanswered goals in the second period?  Ponderous.

Dejected;  - A raucous Rangers' crowd travelled all the way to Uniondale for nothing and went back home with less.  If anything, the Rangers loss against the New York Islanders was a clinic in how to buckle under pressure.  They bloodied us, battered us and beat us.

We're going to Broad Street to meet the Bullies next.  They better be ready!


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