Monday, April 18, 2011

N.Y. METS ~ 'Mazins End A Bad Week With Win

From the desk of:  Head-Butting Mr. Met

NEW YORK METS:  'Mazins Rookie Snaps a Bad String of Games for the Mets.

Doctors for the New York Mets have been mismanaging these players for years now!  What's the deal with Jason Bay!?

Fog, rain, double-headers, injury, a losing streak, mockery, and finally through desperation, a win; - That's the latest week in the life of the Mets and their fans.  The team has Monday night off and I think fans needed the break more.

The Mets called on Dillon Gee to fill Chris Young's roster spot who was placed on the DL earlier in the week.  Who knows if Gee ever got his luggage back, but the Mets' AAA-Buffalo farm-hand earned a win Sunday by pitching 5.2 innings of five hit; one run baseball.  He struck out four and walked two batters while helping the Mets snap a seven game losing streak in which they dropped two double-headers within three days.  Ouch!

Let me tell you what makes me happy.  A good Egg Cream makes me happy.  Dillon Gee pitching effectively and Josh Thole getting two RBI in leading the Mets to victory makes me silly with joy.

The plan originally was to have Dillon Gee and Hennry Mejia pitch a full year at Buffalo.  Matters on the big club have already altered that plan.  The debate about when to bring up Hennry Mejia has also quietly started.  So then, how radically will Sandy Alderson alter the plan?

Burn it down!   ...sorry.

Aside from thinking responsibly (which is never fun) and keeping them both in Buffalo for the sake of development, I would have zero to no problem going with a starting rotation of Pelfrey, Niese, Dickey, Gee and Mejia. 

C'mon, who are we kidding with this rotation?  I'd welcome it.  If you keep up with me, you know where my head is.  I'm about handing over every available job to a kid.  It's just because of who and where we are as a team.  The Mets have between now and the trade deadline to experiment with.  Then..., Ka-Boom! ...Sandy Alderson blows this thing up to smithereens.  I mean think about this for a moment; - Is Terry Collins really using starting pitchers in relief appearances......during APRIL?  I don't care if it was their throw day or not.  It's embarrassing!

Assuming Chris Young does comes back, Dillon Gee should get sent back down - right?  I think Dillon Gee and Hennry Mejia both should be held down as long as possible this season.  There's really no reason to have them on the big club as long as I continue to think Sandy Alderson will gut the organization come July.  But I learned a long time ago from a show called The Odd Couple, what happens when you assume.

The real question is, Will Chris Young be back?  With our doctors, you never know.  And quite honestly...


The Met doctors' track record hasn't been pretty over the last few years.  They've done more to promote controversy than promoting wellness and health.  Bad diagnosis; misdiagnosis; or no diagnosis at all have gotten the Mets in a lot of trouble to say the least.  Jason Bay is the last example of promising out-looks and frustrating delays.  So who knows when Chris Young might be back.  You never can tell anymore with this team or these doctors who carry with them a thick file documenting mismanaged injuries.

Jason Bay?  Is he coming back or what?  He was going to start last week....Then he's being pushed back two more days!?  What are they doing? 

Chris Young?  I have two words for you - GOOD LUCK! 

I wouldn't trust the Mets doctors to put a Band-Aid on me with the way they've handled EVERYONE from Ryan Church on after.  Carlos Delgado and his hip; Jose Reyes' hamstrings or his whatever's..; Carlos Beltran's knees; John Maine's arm; an unsuccessful lobotomy on Ollie Perez; Luis Castillo's and the fan's nagging pains;  ...You name it - They've misdiagnosed it.

Oh the pain!!

So how did you spend the Mets day off?


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