Wednesday, April 20, 2011

N.Y. METS ~ Another Loss; Scribble it in the Books!

From the desk of:  Head-Butting Mr. Met

NEW YORK METS:  New and Improved Ways to Lose.

Amazin' ~ More Casualties and More Losses.
Whooops!  - There go another two Metropolitans for the Milk Carton Gang.

But first,  The Mets are tied for the worst record in all of baseball.  Yes!  We're tied for being the lead at something.   But how ponderous is it that this team continues to wilt in the heat of a cool and cloudy Spring?

After snapping a seven game losing steak last Sunday, the Mets are well on their way towards stringing together another run of defeats.  If I had to grade them, I'd give them an Originality Score of 9.35% out of ten on the Lose-o-Meter.  These are not boring loses people!  Instead, they're rather astonishing. 

Ya Gotta be There To Believe It.  This isn't even funny anymore.  They're ridiculous.  It's complete folly out there. 

Let the good times roll.

Tuesday Night vs. Houston Astros:  More Casualties.....

Brad Emaus is the latest Mets' infielder swallowed up by the Black Hole swirling around second base.  Justin Turner who was batting above .300 at AAA-Buffalo was recalled to fill in his vacated roster spot.

Medic!  Bobby Parnell is hurt.  The big right-hander is experiencing numbness in his finger.   And the speculation is that it could be more serious than that.

By the way, I weigh more than Angel Pagan's batting average.

What was that yesterday?  Bobby Parnell balked and a Willie Harris dropped fly ball is the stuff Met nightmares have been made of.  They just continue to look.....BAD; as in Not Good.

Here's another thing about last night's game that looked awfully familiar; - Making virtual no-bodies look like Sandy Koufax.  C'mon.....Wandy Rodriguez?  Are you kidding me him?  This wasn't J.R. Richard; Nolan Ryan; Mike Scott; or even Joe Niekro.  This was Wandy "freakin" Rodriguez' line:

7 innings pitched
3 hits
1 run/earned
3 walks
7 strike outs
118 pitches
5.48 era

This Wandy Rodriguez start was brought to you by the people over at The Metropolitan Baseball Club; Stat-Padding Division.

Want to make the back of your Baseball card look better?  Play the Mets.  It's ponderous I say.

Wednesday Night vs. Houston Astros:  .....More Losses.

With two outs and down by a run, Angel Pagan tried scoring from third base on a short wild pitch and was tagged out at home to end the Mets' eighth inning chance of tying the score at four.  Ponderous!

Hunter Pence hit an eighth inning home run off Dickey to break a 3-3 tie Daniel Murphy helped create with a home run of his own.  But a hit, a double-play, and David Wright making the last out completed game two of the Mets newest losing steak.  They are now at two in a row.  

Scribble it in the books.


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