Saturday, April 02, 2011

N.Y. ISLANDERS ~ Carolina Hurricanes Blow Into Long Island


Carolina Hurricanes
9th Place ~ 37-30-10 ~ 84 Points
3 points behind N.Y. Rangers
30-36-12  72 Points

From Uniondale, Long Island


Hi neighbors!  So uh...., How are things?  How's the family?  I hear Billy Joel decided against writing his autobiography?  Was there good fishing in The Sound this year?  And how about that Al Montoya?  I...uh..

OK Islanders' fans, you got me.  This really isn't about you.  I didn't mean to lead you on.  This is about us; the New York Rangers.  We're friends right?  All the Potvin Sucks chants are in fun right?  You guys have one for us.  It's all good....Ain't it?

Alright fine!  The enemy of my enemy is my friend.  There!  We (the Rangers and fans alike)

You have to beat the Carolina Hurricanes for us tonight!  Because this is the time of season when our Coach starts to lose his mind.   We've lost our ability to manage our own future.  The Blueshirt Power Play couldn't score in a brothel.  And now we can't find our backbones.  So now....Well.., now we need help.  And who better to appeal to for that help than to the most gracious, four time Stanley Cup Champions; fellow Empire State/New Yorkers; our suburban neighbors; - 
...The New York Islanders!

You guys are so cool!  We are like family right?  Sometimes we don't always get along...just like some  brothers; but we're brothers none-the-less. Yes??

That's us Man!  Brothers!  Arm in Arm Man..., United As New Yorkers!

Hey!  did I ever tell you I think your logo is one of the best logos in all the major sports?  Yea...It's true.  Honest.

Did you guys enjoy whooping up on us last Thursday?  Sorry that we had so many unruly fans filling your building that night.  Someone left our gate open and they got out.  And don't worry about Sean Avery's bloody eye.  Stuff like that happens...ya know?  I'm sure it was just an unfortunate accident; could have happened to anybody.

By the way, the kind of game you played against us the other night (no hard feelings) and against the Penguins...yea - the Trevor Gillies game - Can you guys have another night like that tonight?


I know you guys have had an awful time with Carolina over the years.  They've pretty much had their way with you.  So the time to rise up is now!  Beat the 'Canes!  Youuuu Can Dooo-eet!

I promise you, if you help us out and we do make the playoffs, for my part, I promise I will neither initiate nor participate in a Potvin Sucks chant throughout the time we survive the playoffs (which will probably only be the first round anyway).

I don't think I've treated you guys badly in my blog.  Have I?  I've been cool...right?  So can you do me this solid?  Can you beat up on the Carolina Hurricanes for me?

Thanks a lot!

A Ranger fan From Brooklyn


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