Friday, April 29, 2011

BASEBALL ~ Meandering Around The Bases

New York Mets
New York Yankees
Atlantic League
Brooklyn Cyclones

NEW YORK METS ~ I didn't see the game tonight because I was in Yankee Stadium paying $9.50 for a bottle-o-brew, $6.00 for an ice cream, $12.00 for two sodas, $35.00 on a program and Yearbook, and $4.50 for a bag of nuts! 

A bag of NUTS I said! 

That's nothing.  My son bought a $7.00 bag of pop-corn and a $30.00 teddy bear for his girl.  Ugh! 
Whatever,'s his life.

But after winning six games in a row, there's not much I would have wanted to say about tonight's loss to the Nationals anyway.  And besides, Livan Hernandez was pitching.  That means we had no shot.  When ever he faces us he turns into Greg "freakin" Maddux.  I haven't seen anyone be more successful dealing junk since Sanford and Son was on TV.  He pitched eight innings; walked only one while striking-out five.  That's just another day in La Officina for Senor Hernandez when he pitches against us.  It's Amazin'.

But put the Nationals in the rear-view mirror now like I try and do with my son's girl.  Because we're headed to Philly for a weekend series.  Although he's finally coming off an impressive win his last time out, Mike Pelfrey hasn't been feeling at all well lately, but he said he's fine and ready for tomorrow's series opener.  He'll be followed by Jon Niese and Chris Young this series.  Jon Niese is still looking to find a groove.  But he and I are square.  Chris Young however, who is coming back from a passing arm situation, has looked quite good in his starts.  I'll definitely give him that.  But, I'll be honest with you.  I'm still indifferent to him.  He'll grow on me.

The Mets' win streak might be over, but it doesn't mean their hot-streak needs to take a hit along with it.  They've recovered nicely from a miserable start to the month and regained a large degree of respectability by the way they've rebounded when faced with rapidly mounting adversity.  Terry Collins is another individual who still needs to grow on me.  But just before they went on this latest streak, it looks now, like Panic Mode was just what the Doctor ordered.  Then stir in some wily early-April moves by Sandy Alderson and some late month clutch hitting along the way and.....

......Well, maybe now they can go into Philly and end this month on a most positive note.  They can't achieve a .500 record this month (11-14 with two games left in April), but they can change a lot of opinions about them with a strong showing against the Phillies.

NEW YORK YANKEES ~ As I mentioned, I was at the Stadium tonight for the final game of the Yankees/White Sox series.  It was Cousin's night out.  My cousin and I with our two sons made for a hilarious night.  Trust me on that one.  I was sporting a White Sox jersey.

The Yankees took the last two games of the series after dropping the first two.  Aside from the fun I had, tonight's game also turned into a laugher for the Yankees.  Ozzie Guillen didn't get tossed out this time but I'm sure he wanted to be somewhere else during a 12-3 Yankee undressing.

C.C. Sabathia (2-1) gave up three runs, all in the seventh inning, but non of them earned.  Before that, C.C. shut the ChiSox down over the first six innings he worked.  He only issued one walk and struck out six.  He did however commit a balk.

Brett Gardner hit his second homerun of the series and third of the season.  Nick Swisher also added a shot into the second deck in right.  Derek Jeter had the night off and Jorge Posada still can't hit.  Jorge was 0-4 tonight is now batting .130 for the season. 

Here's the nice part of that; I didn't hear not one person BOO Jorge.  That's a Good Job.

ATLANTIC LEAGUE BASEBALL ~ Friday is Opening Night for the fourteenth season of Atlantic League Baseball:

Road Warriors @ Lancaster Barnstormers
Camden River Sharks @ York Revolution
Somerset Patriots @ South Maryland Blue Crabs
Long Island Ducks @ Bridgeport Bluefish

After work tomorrow, I'll be Jumpin' the Trolley and heading up to Bridgeport, Connecticut, to take in Game One of the season.  The Bridgeport Bluefish will host the Long Island Ducks in the first Atlantic League ballpark ever built; Harbor Yards.

Lover Boy Pookie Bear might tag along because his girl gotta work.  That's fine, just don't hold me up.  When I say it' time to Trolley-up, I'm out.  I have zero problem going by myself; do it all the time.  I just make friends there for the night.

Play Ball!



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