Tuesday, March 08, 2011

N.Y. METS ~ Time Bandits

From the desk of:  HEAD-BUTTING MR. MET

New York Mets:  Mr. Mets' DeLOREAN is Spinning it's Tires In The Flushing Mud.

Welcome to Day 797 of the 2009 Baseball season. 

So when exactly do we get to move on and enter this new decade?  When do we finally get to Pass Go and collect our $200 dollars?  Oh...That's right; Bernie Madoff's dog ate it. 

Of course I know the answers to my own questions.  So, in the mean time, can someone just kick me instead?  After all, we have become the Fan Base with the "Kick Me" sign on our backs.  Haven't we?  So please, tap into your inner-Nike and just do it; Kick Me...and make all this ridicule worth the aggravation.   That's right!...That's us! - The Fans with the sign.  Do I speak truth or am I just angry?

Today Ladies and Gentlemen, I am just plain and simply...TIRED!  I have to open up the release valve because somewhere down the line I'll bust if I don't.  I've been trying to bury myself in Hockey and trying to pay the Mets as little mind as possible before the season kicks off, for the sake of not being repetitive or sounding like a malcontent.  I'll have six months for that so there's no need to rush The Spew.  But being in your forties and learning to compartmentalize doesn't necessarily insure you for 365 days a year.  The Mets have given me no choice but to pick and chose my battles because it seems they present the same dilemma everyday.   General talk regarding the Mets will invariably sound awfully similar to all the garbage we've been heaping on them for over two years now.

But Mike...what about the good? - The Thole's and the Ike's and Parnell's?  Yea;  I know.  But that's not what's coming out of my radio or being printed in my paper.  So, what you're getting from me today is a rant because I'm sick and tired of hearing about Carlos Beltran's "good" knee - or is it his "bad" knee?  I'm fatigued with Luis Castillo's mock battle for the second-base job.  Oliver Perez has me completely lethargic with apathy.  And the more we learn about the Wilpons' legal mess and their money woes, the more the whole "Hey Brother, can you spare a few Million?" - just makes me want to throw up huge chunks of Blue and Orange ambivalence.

When does the circus show stop and Sandy Alderson finally makes the clean-up type moves the new GM of the Mets was hired to handle?  After today's outing, what can the possible justification for retaining Oliver Perez beyond tomorrow be?  What of Luis Castillo?  One of these gentlemen have to go.  I'm not asking for both.  But certainly one has to go.....and soon.  I need more done to tell me we are moving away from the year 2009.  This isn't a woe is us thing.  This isn't a "My team sucks" deal either.  I'm just tired of being locked-in to the year 2009.  Seven hundred and ninety-seven days after the calendar marked January 1st, 2009, here we are juggling the same flaming torch, razor-sharp axe, and lit stick of dynamite like a blindfolded clown with no one watching.

The season hasn't started and I'm already fed-up with all the derisiveness coming out of my radio when the Mets are topic one.  But I just forgot to recharge the Anti-Met Rhetoric Shield last night and now today I'm cranky and paying the price for it.  I don't mind when "We" do it.  Quite the opposite; I find find the Met Bloggers very entertaining and engaging.  But sometimes the Media really rubs me the wrong way.  Today is just one of those days.

Wasn't it Einstein who said Insanity is doing something over and over again and expecting a different result?  Or was that Joan Rivers?  ...Or something like that?  They had equally bad hair and pale complexions.  Regardless, STOP The Insanity!  If you know me, I like dabbling in sarcasm like the rest, but I try hard to stay away from mindless anger.  And that's why a little release today will serve my Mets' Loyalty better later.

Like Time Bandits, the Mets have stolen years from us.  Wake me when the Mets arrive in 2011 or when Wilpon the Clown stops juggling our team in front of anyone with pocket change.



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