Tuesday, February 15, 2011

N.Y. ISLANDERS ~ Fights; News; Developments; and a Thumbs-Up

New York ISLANDERS:  Long Island's Team Not Only Fighting For Respect; But Also For Their Survival.

First of all, Mario Lemieux needs to shut-up.  If he doesn't like the League that made him rich and a Legend, let him do his re-thinking and get out.  He's been complaining ever since he came into the League and has never stopped.  It's no wonder Sidney Crosby is the same way because Sid The Slew still lives in Mario's house (I believe).

Super Mario didn't seem to have a problem playing with one of the most dirtiest players at the time in Ulf Samuelsson.  And, he currently employs arguably the dirtiest player in the League today in Matt Cooke.  So who is he kidding?

It's really a strain for me to tell you which team I hate more; the Penguins or the Islanders.  It would have to be the Penguins right now.  But what I can say with delight is,  Good for the Islanders!  Let this game and the players police themselves.  RULES only guarantee the first infraction is always a free shot.  Let the players operate under their Player's Code.  Hockey has always been that way.  It wasn't like Mike Milbury went into the crowd and bashed someone with a shoe...now is it?

The Islanders are a young team and I admire the spunk.  But they are an organization that still has an uncertain future ahead.

I came across this great article that ties together franchise rights and team shifts within the NYC area regarding the NBA, MLB and how Brooklyn's Barclays Center and a proposed relocation of the Islanders fits into the local equation.  Mikhail Prokhorov, The Dolans, Franchise tax responsibilities are among other topics covered in this article.  If you're a local sports fan, it's a great read.

FROM:  http://www.newjerseynewsroom.com/
AUTHOR:  Evan Weiner 



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