Sunday, February 27, 2011

N.Y. GIANTS ~ Coach And GM Realize Mistake Too Late


My head is far away from Football right now.  But...

Holy Freakin' Cow!!!!

Since WEEK ONE and all season long I screamed for Brandon Jacobs to get more carries!  Now
Coach Coughlin and GM Jerry Reese had an epiphany and want Jacobs to carry the ball more? 2011.

C'MON Guys!!!?   Don't mock me like this!

First off, any talk about the misuse of Brandon Jacobs must also include a discussion about Coach Gilbride's play calling.  So it's all fine and well Coach and GM want Brandon to run more next season, but that subject must also be broached with their Offensive Coordinator.  I don't want Coach Gilbride fired but blame him and tell him to lighten up with the damn passing game.

If you followed this blog during the Football season, you know I was huffing and fussing till I was Big and Blue in the face about Gilbride and getting Jacobs more rushes.  So I'm not going to pound the keyboard tonight retyping what is already documented.  Instead, if you're in a Football frame of mind all year long, here are some of my past posts where-in I begged for Brandon Jacobs to be incorporated into the game more:

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Some where in all those posts and bad grammar are my rants about using Brandon Jacobs more often.  I'm so glad Coach Coughlin and Jerry Reese finally got the memo.  Now if you'll excuse me, I'll be going back to rooting for my Rangers to make the playoffs, and putting my Baseball cap on.

Run Jacobs more indeed....Pffft!


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