Friday, February 18, 2011

N.J. NETS ~ Carmelo Anthony Still A Possibility

NEW JERSEY NETS:  Carmelo; Come Home, - To Brooklyn.
I know the GM of the Nuggets is an Ol' Pro having been around the League for a long time.  But with the way he's fumbling around trying to grab the biggest bag of stuff in exchange for Carmelo Anthony, I don't think I'd trust him to mail a letter for me right now.  The reportedly hefty requests he made from the Knicks in return for 'Melo sound utterly preposterous.  And it may wind up the Nets had the best offer on the table all along.

The Nets reiterated their stance saying they are no longer in pursuit of Carmelo Anthony and will not actively seek a trade for his services.  But rumors are starting to swirl that Mikhail Prokhorov just might be speaking on his own behalf over the All-Star Weekend.  Then again this can all be a-lot of bunk out of Denver trying to get the Knicks to feel a little more desperate to secure Melo.

Pictures as of  FEB 16, 2011

But , c'mon; Carmelo......?
Don't you want to come to Brooklyn?  Don't you want to get traded to the Nets and sign an extension here?
Sure you do.  C'mon, - tell your GM.  Tell him to trade you to the Nets.  I know there's a-lot of money at stake because of the looming Collective Bargaining Agreement due to expire.  But, this is a once-in-lifetime situation tailor made for you.  Talk to Mikhail Prokhorov over the weekend (secretly of course) and see what develops.

Just think of the possibilities.  We could call this the "MeloDome. 
Your name on a Brooklyn jersey could be one of the hottest sellers in America.

Brooklyn is calling you Carmelo.  Listen to us.  This was your home once.  You belong here.
Look, we're building a new home for you to play in.

These views are from Pacific Street and 6th Avenue.

**Brooklyn Nets Jersey; Courtesy Junior's Cafe.
BTB has obtained permission for use of image.

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