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KNICKS vs. NETS ~ Tonight Newark; Tomorrow Brooklyn!

N.J. ~ BKN NETS:  Barclays Center Updates.

NEW YORK KNICKS:  I really think Fans and
Radio-Hosts need to start getting a grip!

The drama I'm hearing over Donnie Walsh's contract extension is utter nonsense!

Let's be clear, the New York Knicks are in the best hands they've been in since Dave Checketts was calling shots around here.  And to say, if Donnie Walsh doesn't secure Carmelo Anthony in a trade, his job should be in jeopardy?  That's preposterous!  But that's what I've been hearing on the radio lately.

The plan was not to clear out Salary Cap Space AND sign LeBron James is if were written in stone.  The plan was to clear out Salary Cap room first and foremost for the sake of flexibility and having an opportunity to sign a free agent or two.  The fact LeBron James was available this past summer coincided perfectly with our plan to create said cap room.  Our new found Cap relief  was never intended to sign LeBron James per-say, but his availability heightened every-one's want to secure his services.  The Cap "clear-out" needed to happen regardless.   LJ or no LJ, the plan was to gain Cap relief; Period.  And not to mention, this is really all old news!

Why bring it up?

Because, if Donnie Walsh doesn't get a trade for 'Melo done his tenure here should be questioned and perhaps his contract should not get extended, effectively ending his time in his current capacity?  Are you kidding me?

I don't want to go off on a Dolan and Zeke rant......but really? Are you kidding me?  Isiah Thomas had how long around here, and we are now actually calling for Donnie Walsh's job all of a sudden after he's assembled a team that has played better this season than it has in any of the last eight?  Are we really calling Donnie Walsh's work here a failure if he doesn't get 'Melo?  Really?

I'll tell you what; I'm going to ignore all that talk I heard this last week because it's some of the most absurd stuff I've heard come out of fans' and radio-talkies' mouths since someone said Zeke was doing a good job.

I'll tell you what else, the way everyone tripped and flopped all over each other, hoping we would sign LeBron was embarrassing!  That's right; I said it.  And when the smoke cleared upon his signing with Miami, that behavior of ours became topic one; about how much of a frenzy everyone worked themselves into and how the reaction and chase was unlike anything we've seen around here before.

Well, some of you are doing it all over again!  Yea, I'd like 'Melo in a Knick uniform just like the rest of us.  But I'm against looking and acting desperate to get him.  There!  I said that too.  Of course we need him.  But can we just relax ourselves please?!

Is this what the anxiety of a .500 record does to us now?

I'll tell you what anxiety is going to be.  Anxiety is the spectre of Isiah Thomas returning to this organization.
And anxiety will be the Knick fans here in Brooklyn who are looking-on with squinted-eyes as to how James Dolan handles Donnie Walsh's job status.

This arena will be operational with an NBA team in it sooner than later. 
If Jason Kidd would like, I can take him for a spin by the REALITY being erected on
Atlantic Avenue as we speak (in reference to his "I'll believe it when I see it" attitude).

Picture as of Saturday;  February 12, 2011
Sixth Avenue View with Atlantic Avenue at right.

But getting back to Anxiety?  Mr. Dolan, hasn't seen anything yet.  If he let's Zeke resume control of this organization, every-time his Knickerbockers come to Brooklyn, he's going to have to deal with all the former-Knick Fans on this side of the river who've had their fill of Zeke and Dolan both, and now root for the home-town team.

With every I-Beam put in place, the talk about the NETS coming is picking up "out here" in the Borough.
The Nets will already be gaining a fan in me.  The bigger question is will Dolan lose one...or more?  Does he understand the magnitude of the situation?  A lot of talk out here amongst us Knick fans in the "Borough"  sounds similar to what I just expressed.  If a possible...,  even remote chance of Zeke returning to the Garden coincides with the home-coming of the Nets to Brooklyn, then James Dolan and his Knicks will have a much larger problem on their hands than just Carmelo Anthony and how much of the farm we're willing to give for him.


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