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National Football League

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(Friday NYDN Line)

Jets +2 1/2 (COLTS)
Even Vegas isn't making the Colts an obligatory three point favorite as the Home Team.  They've struggled mightily to achieve their success this year.  Somehow, Peyton Manning managed to keep them together.  The Jets?  We've seen their worst game of the year.  We are yet to see their best game of the year.  I think the Jets can score points right along with Peyton's pace.  But will the Jets' Safety's be able to hold up against Manning without Jim Leonard?  I have a feeling who ever has the ball in field goal position at the end the game will win.  Who would ever guess this game would come down to Adam Vinatieri versus Nick Folk? 
I just did.
WIN ~ 17-16 JETS
Who predicted it would come down to Adam Vinatieri and Nick Folk?  I did!  Thank You very much. 
I thought the Jets were doomed when they went three-and-out.  Then Adam Vinatieri nailed his field goal to put the Colts ahead.  If Nick Folk is a Jets hero for nailing the game winning field goal with no time left on the clock, you had better reserve some of that adulation for Antonio Cromartie for returning INDY's Kick-Off back to the Jets' 46 yard line with 0:45 left on the clock.  Antonio Cromartie was getting burned on coverage tonight.  But in the end, he burned the Colts right back.  After a KEY Sanchez pass to Edwards, Nick Foley kicked the Jets and REX to victory and now they advance to the Divisional Round for a rematch against the New England Patriots.

Saints -10 (SEAHAWKS)
The Saints are injured.  They're not the same away from The Dome.  They can't run the ball.  I don't care if the Saints can't even walk the ball.  All those things could be true but it won't help Pete Carroll and the Seahawks.  There is no USC magic up his sleeve.  He already used up his Miracle just getting here and playing host to a playoff game.  Pete Carroll is giving Hasselback and Whitehurst equal reps in practice.  Jim Zorn would be more of a help to them right now.  The Seahawks owner will be the only happy person in Seattle after tomorrow's game with all the extra revenue he never expected to receive..  The rest of the city?  I hear there's a push to get a Basketball team there again.
Oh Yes,  the Saints...Are Going Home.  Oh yes The Saints are Goooing Hooome.
What an UNBELIEVABLE Upset! Pete Carroll and his Seahawks pulled off an improbable victory over the defending Super Bowl Champions.  How?  I'm not sure yet.  But there will be a new Champion crowned this season.

I hope this shuts-up everyone who had the knee-jerk reaction to re-seed the playoffs and take away Division accomplishments.  Everyone wanted to penalize the Seahawks for having a losing record.  HAH!  Anyone who jumped on that band-wagon is just as much a part of the problem facing the world as anyone.  Everyone is always in a hurry to just go changing stuff.  GOOD for the Seahawks.  I didn't think they had a chance but GOOD FOR THEM!.  Serves all those dummies on TV right!  And I hope their ratings tank because of it next week.

(Friday NYDN Line)

Ravens -3 (CHIEFS)
The Chiefs will stick around for a little bit, but the Ravens should eventually prove they're the better team by halftime.  The Chiefs can run the ball but it's all they got.  Stop their run and you stop the Chiefs.  The Ravens should be game for that.  Flacco is under-rated and will have a fine tune-up for next week's game.
Flacco may not have won over any supporters fumbling the ball twice, but the guy was 25 for 34 with two touchdowns.  You saw it.  I predicted it.  The Chiefs gave their fans something to cheer about for all of 10 minutes.  By half-time, the Ravens took over the game and the Chiefs folded up their Tee-Pee in the second half.  The only thing the Chiefs did well today was give the ball away.  Doubt the Ravens at your own peril.

Packers +2 1/2 (EAGLES)
Well...., being a Giants fan I can tell you first hand what kind of damage both Offenses are capable of inflicting.  I'm officially calling the Michael Vick-Aaron Rodgers scrambling ability and disruptive potential, a wash!  In that regard, they can inflict equal amounts of damage to each-other's team.  So that leaves two questions for this game; who's better in the pocket and who's defense is better.  The answer to the second question is the Packers' Defense is better.  The end of season numbers say so.  Which QB is better in the pocket?  I think Rodgers is.  The Eagles play with peeks and valley results, very much like the Giants.  The Packers however, have been more consistent week to week.
Bye bye Birdies!  Dem Dirty Birds are headed back to Broad Street to resume pecking at seeds in the park.  Shame.  Couldn't happen to a better team.  At the very end, it was a Michael Vick intercepted pass in the end zone that lost it for the Eagles.  The Packers had an answer for Vick all night long.  But Vick was smelling comeback again and almost pulled it off.  The Packers were reeling.  But they finished.  They held on to their lead and finished off Vick and the Eagles with an interception.  Rodgers was the better QB tonight and the Packers proved their defense was better.  They both proved out by five points.


PICKS ~ 3-1

+19 BAGELS for the SEASON.


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