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UPDATED:  Sunday,  1-16-11;  11:30am
UPDATED:  SUNDAY Evening; 11:30pm

I went 3-1 in my picks last weekend.  That brings me to +19 BAGELS for the season.  I, probably along with the rest of America, didn't think the Seahawks would win against the Saints.  But they did, and now we are assured of having a new Super Bowl Champion this year.


(Friday NYDN Line)

STEELERS -3 (Ravens)
This is by far, the most electric game of the weekend. 
After what will be a punishing game for both teams, I think the Steelers will win out.  Their defense is a little more sound than Baltimore's.  Although they are very good, this isn't the fearsome Raven's defense of the past.  They've allowed second tier teams to hang around in games and will give up just enough that FLACCO won't be able to come back from against Pittsburgh.  I hate Bye Weeks but the Steelers really needed a week off  to heal some wounds as the Ravens will be coming in a little taxed.  I'm thinking 23-17 PITT Wins.
A dropped pass in the end-zone and a dropped pass that came critically late in the game doomed the Ravens.  They were leading 21-7 in the 3rd quarter.  After a lot of early, sloppy play by PITT, they got their act together and stormed back.  Big Ben threaded another pass where he had no business throwing a Football and the Steelers reaped huge rewards.

Packers +2 1/2 (FALCONS)
Did I mention I hate Bye Weeks?  The Packers are surging and Aaron Rodgers is playing with a ton of confidence at the moment.  Right now, they have a lot of momentum working their way and Vegas knows it!  The Falcons are only favored by 2 1/2?  What does that tell you?...No confidence in the home team as they can't even garner the obligatory 3 point home edge.  After sitting out a week, I think the Falcons will be a half step slower than game speed, and the Packers will get off to a fast start and score first.  After that, they could go blow for blow.  An early lead holds up for the Packers; 24-23 Green Bay.
It was the blow-out no one really saw coming, but one nobody is surprised by.  Aaron Rodgers is just possessed right now.  They have been the most consistent team in the NFC this season and are peaking at the right time.  The Falcons gave early indications they were going to make this a tight game, but after a 1st half 14-14 tie got widened by the Packers before the 2nd period expired, there was no looking back for them.  The Packers dominated the 2nd half and the Falcons are officially the best One-and-Done team this year.

It's been a bad year for Birds ~ Eagles; Ravens; Falcons....could the Seahawks be next to go extinct this playoff?

(Friday NYDN Line)

BEARS -10 (Seahawks)
Does Pete Carroll have another miracle up his sleeve?  I doubt it very very much.  Me personally, I think he out coached Sean Peyton last week.  But there's no way the North Wind will be at their backs and blow the Seahawks into the end-zone like last week when the Saints couldn't have stopped a mail-box from running by them.  Chicago will remind the Seattle team why they don't belong on the same field as the Bears. 
Score?  23-10!
WIN ~ 35-24 BEARS

Jets vs. PATRIOTS:

The truth is, I'm still wrestling with this game.  But I'm saving my comments for a NYJ Preview posting.  Please come back and check for it by Saturday evening.

UPDATE:  SUNDAY;  1/16/11
Finally, Here is my JETS vs. PATRIOTS Game Preview:

...and finally, MY PICK:
(Sunday's N.Y. Post Line)

PATRIOTS -9 (Jets)
The spread was 8 1/2.  The up-tick is bad news for the Jets.  People are doubting whether they can pull this off.  They fact is, the Jets have to do too many things right, and the Patriots can afford to have a thing or two go wrong for them and still pull out a win.  Win or lose, I think Coach Rex will still coach the game of his life.  It's Mark Sanchez who is the X-Factor.  Will he be able to "Matriculate" the ball down the field like Rex needs him to?  He WILL be called on to make some crucial passes no matter how much they run the ball.  In order to control the ball and keep it out of Brady's hands, Mark Sanchez is going to have to have a superior (personal effort) and accurate mid-range passing day.  He needs to have the most complete game of his short career in order for the Jets to hold on to the ball (not necessarily score points - that works itself out).  Keep an eye on Sanchez' completion percentage during the game and that will tell you what percentage the Jets have of winning the game today.  If he connects on 50% of his passes...that's your chance against the Patriots.  A lot of this also falls on Coach Schottenheimer and how he sets up his QB and whether or not Mark's shoulder is playing a factor.  This may very well be the game that costs Schotty his job!

OR...this can turn out to be one of the most gloriously GREEN Days in Jets history.

New England Patriots  21

If anyone has any BAGELS riding on this game, I really really think the Jets can cover.  But me personally, I'm thinking 10 points.

I am +19 BAGELS for the season through yesterday's games.
Update: 3-1 for the weekend makes me +21 BAGELS for the season.

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