Wednesday, January 26, 2011

N.Y. METS ~ Head Butting Mr. MET 2011


Have you seen it outside?

Head Butting Mr. MET  is almost ready to take the field again.  

That's right; Head Butting Mr. Met. ~ That's the Mets portion of this Blog.  And I'm taking my first official Winter Stretch. 

With the NFL Championship Games over, I am now officially suffering NFL withdrawal.  I don't need to wait till the Super Bowl as my team isn't in it.  So I want to start purging Football from my system a little early this year.  My N.Y. Rangers will start getting more blog time and my Basketball posts should pick up now.  And of course, I like to do my occasional Brooklyn Features.

But when I started this blog, it was originally intended to be a Mets/Baseball exclusive site only.  Obviously, you see how that turned out.  I intentionally stayed a little ambiguous with The BTB and didn't name this site HEAD BUTTING MR. MET.  That name is actually sitting dormant as another blog for me in case I should ever decide to roll it out.

Baseball is my true passion in life; that and Brooklyn itself.  My Blog's name TheBrooklynTrolleyBlogger, is just a spin of the Old Brooklyn Trolley Dodgers.  There, that's the secret.  It's a name I grew an affinity for and I went with it.  I like the ambiguity of it, if you aren't familiar to my site and don't know this is a sports blog, because I can go off in any direction that interests me at the moment.

So now, it's time for this Blog to start paying attention to the joy of my life again; Baseball.  It's time to start Butting-Heads with Mr. Met again.  Me?  I'm turning 44 years old this season, and I remember everything about the Mets since 1974-75.


* First Game at Shea Stadium ~ 1974; Tom Seaver vs. San Diego Padres.
* First ever Foul Ball at Shea Stadium ~ 1992.
* My brick at Citi Field says, "1977 Still Hurts!"  honest... Was that wrong of me?

Greetings and Salutations to all my Roosevelt Avenue Neighbors and Fellow Fans.


New York Mets:  Third Straight Winter Mets Get Snowed-In.

I'll be honest, after we hired Terry Collins, I tuned out.  Now I need to do some homework and see who some of these losers we signed are.  That's right!  I said it!

What's the difference between the winter of 2009, 2010 and 2011?  The course of action has been the same, only now it's Sandy Alderson pushing the low cost, rehabbing from injury, come-back player, no risk-high reward type players.  Yes, I'm saying Alderson is picking up right where Omar left off.

Without admitting it, Jeff, Son of 'PON has set the Mets' Salary Cap somewhere in the neighborhood between $140 and $150 million.  And it seems to be a Hard Cap too.

In Spanish, we have an expression ~ Doble Sentimiento ~ it means Double Sentiment.  Everything I just said should be taken in that manner.  I said it all in jest, but there is some sentiment behind it.

However, I have what I've wanted for this team for years now, and that was an off-campus influence on the Wilpons.  Well, I have that now and am quite satisfied with the hiring of Sandy Alderson, and whom he hired as his lieutenants.  So don't get me wrong.  I'm not complaining.  I totally get this will be a season of shedding the rest of our old skin and expiring contracts, while continuing to see where many of these kids fit into the Mets' future.  And I certainly concur with the plan.  Like many fans, it's what I wanted too.

I took the jab at the club because Jeff Wilpon still refuses to be transparent about the operations of this club and his extent of involvement.  We are told the owners are completely flexible with regard to payroll, yet they have Do-Not-Cross barrier tape wrapped around $145 million.  We all know what the deal is.  I just want to hear it from him for a change.

Listening to Sandy Alderson champion-up some if the signings he recently made just rang a little hollow for me.  I know what the plan is.  I just didn't like his spin.  It's just a repackaged version of what Omar had to resort to after burdening the Wilpons with bad contracts (in the first place).

So consider this just a warm up folks.  But that's what I'm thinking.  It's still too damn cold outside for this.  But starting soon, it will be time to start HEAD-BUTTING MR. MET full time again.

For now...,  All is well.  You may go back to your farms now.  There's nothing more to see here.

Let's Go Mets !!


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