Sunday, January 02, 2011




That's all people are going to remember. 

How bad they looked in amassing that number five and everything that transpired during a real rough stretch for all JetsNation, will be nothing more than a coffee stain in the carpet.  Win number ELEVEN will soothe and validate everything for the Jets and in the end, REX Ryan will have been the one to put his FOOT down having the final say on the 2010 regular season.

Green Bay What?  Patriots Who?  Miami Huh?   Exactly!

The Buffalo Bills couldn't beat anyone at Checkers right now, but at least Mark Brunell showed Jets fans he can step in at a moments notice and keep the Jets flying at cruising altitude. You always want to finish playing good Football and today's win against the Bills will at least let all these guys go to sleep tonight in a pleasant frame of mind heading into their week of preparation for the Playoffs.

Playoffs?   Did you say Playoffs?

If you need a COACH BLUTARSKY refresher...Go back to Week 15 when I wrote
THIS and and THIS.

Coach REX Blutarsky has AIR-DELTA HOUSE dancing in their Toga's for the second year in a row. That's not a bad job while having two pencils up your nose. And while yes, he put the ladder up against the girl's Dorm and it was him under the bleachers looking up you know what....and yes, the Foot Fetish thing seems to fit right in to all that, don't forget it was BLUTO who orchestrated the best night of their lives!

Maybe this is ANIMAL HOUSE.  Because in the end, they all had their cake cleverly disguised as a Parade Float and they all got to "EAT IT" too.  Maybe Coach REX Blutarsky will drive off with his "Bunny" and become a U.S. Senator somewhere down the line when all this is over.  But for right now, he's having a ball in his pirate's costume and showing to be real quick on his FEET for a big guy, as he continues to evade NIEDERMEYER and the Media.

Who will the Jets play in the first round next week?  WHO CARES!  What's important is that Coach Rex gets his Squadron of Big Green Jets back in the hangar, prepares and arms them for some high-altitude Bombing no matter their destination.

NEIDERMEYER!!!!!    Dead!


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