Saturday, January 01, 2011

N.Y. GIANTS ~ Playoff Hopes Hanging By A Bear Claw

NEW YORK FOOTBALL GIANTS:  The BEARS have no reason to swipe their Claws at the PACKERS.  They've gotten plenty fat for the winter games and may take a nap Sunday.

The GIANTS can do their part winning one for their Coach while trying to save the Season, but without help, the hurt from missing the Playoffs can have BIG consequences and leave us feeling BLUE.

With one Giant step into a hole against the Eagles then another calamitous leap into a chasm against the Packers,  The Giants' hopes, dreams, and a chance to regain status as an elite team again in these upcoming Playoffs, cling helplessly by a Bear Claw tearing away at Lady Luck's forgiving dress. 

They weren't just in the position of controlling their own destiny, the Giants were in a position of dominating it.  But all that is Blue sweat and tears under the George Washington Bridge now.  There is only one matter at hand which calls for the Giants' attention as they board their patched-up Big Blue Life Raft for a trip to Washington and face-off against the REDSKINS Sunday afternoon.  That matter is, Winning!

We're in this position because we treated the Pigskin like it was a wet bar of soap when we ran it on the ground, and Eli treated more players to his passes with his Southern Hospitality than he should have.

Defensively, the secondary has been pressed over a cheese grater these last 6 quarters; and then some.  The linebackers have been respectable but far from spectacular or difference-makers.  The guys up front kept coming within inches of a big play only to let it get away with devastating ramifications exposing a GIANT inability to finish.  And Perry Fewell displayed a failure to adapt on the fly over the last two games (and a few earlier games this season which put him and Coughlin at words).

But before we present a GIANT piece of Meat to the Butcher, let's talk about our chances of playing Football beyond this week.  This is very simple. If the Giants win versus the Redskins in Washington and the Packers lose or tie against the Bears in Green Bay, we (the Giants) are in.  That's it.    Consider yourself updated.

It's all they can do to help themselves to more January Football.  We've seen what a much-maligned 10-6 Giants team forced to win three playoff games on the road can do when faced with insurmountable adversity.  They showed us three years ago how it's done.

Blah..Blah.. "No Mas" with that mush!  I tried that.  Just win.  Because no matter what happens in the Packers/Bears game, the GIANTS have to win this game against the Redskins to save jobs.

At least the cyclone swirling around Tom Coughlin's job status this week has subsided somewhat as Coach received a very favorable show of support from his team, the fans, and the Media.  But no one is blind here.  We can all read the graffiti on the lockers and office doors.  A loss to the woeful Redskins will surely mean that heads will roll.  The question is who's heads?  We've established Tom Coughlin's head is safe.  Will it be Staff?  Will players be asked to leave their pads at the door?

Jerry Reese may be sharpening the guillotine as we speak.  A good General Manager is always a couple of weeks ahead in his thinking and already may have certain people in mind.  While he's sharpening the blade, Jerry will make Tom Coughlin draw the rope, raising the blade high sending another message that he WILL be next.  Right now, everyone, including Jerry Reese, I believe thinks Tom Coughlin is the best coach for the Giants.

But if I'm Tom Quinn, the Special Teams Coach, I'm worried where my income is coming from next season. 

With John Fox officially on the market, I would replace Perry Fewell with Fox in a heartbeat, in a purely opportunistic up-grade.  And without Linebackers, this Defense is disjointed.

Kevin Gilbride is the one who should be on the HOT SEAT!  His whole approach needs to be called in for questioning.  Mike Sullivan the QB Coach should be brought onto the carpet as well.  Running Backs Coach Jerald Ingram needs to be grilled as to why his Backs continually COUGH up the ball...?

As far as players getting axed?  Hah!  C'mon.  We still have a game to play.

If the Giants can do what IS expected of them Sunday, which is defeating the Washington Redskins who've been around as long as we have.....And if the Bears can likewise help out a fellow Original Era buddy and beat the Packers and all their Ghosts and Legends for us.....If we can all just be Old Friends about this whole mess, and get the Giants in the Dance, then the sounds of table-saws cutting through GIANT chunks-o-beef get turned off for another 7 days.

If that be the case this Sunday, then anything can happen.  Without getting all sappy about it, we have seen them do it before.  All that means is that nothing is impossible.  It means all these second level coaches breathe a great sigh of relief and suddenly become a good staff again.  It means players on the list for be-heading have another week to prove their value to the team.  UNLIKELY is a different cut of beef.

We can only do our part.  But go out there and get it done!  ...And don't make Jerry Reese do his job!


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