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PIGSKIN ~ WEEK 14 ~ Blue and Green Previews



Week 13 kinda derailed the Ol' Trolley.  I was 5-8 and lost the Shmear.  From a high in the upper 20's just a few short weeks ago, I'm chopped down to +13 BAGELS in the basket with two consecutive sub-.500 weeks of picks.

SHMEAR of the WEEK record:  8-3
The Basket:  +13 Bagels

The WEEK 14 Big Bagel Roll-Out:
(Saturday NYDN Line)

Giants -3 (VIKINGS)
If the Giants can ever get out of Kansas City because of the snow storm, I don't care who the Vikings start.  I like the Giants.  They are surging.

Dolphins +5 1/2 (JETS)
I just think it's going to be a close game.  I like the Jets winning but not by six.
WIN ~ 10-6 Dolphins

Raiders +4 (JAGUARS)
How can I turn my back on the Raiders now?  Al Davis, fellow Brooklynite, needs me.
LOSS ~ 38-31 Jaguars

STEELERS -9 (Bengals)
I don't like the number 9.  But I talked myself into the Steelers.  The last time I checked, the Bengals didn't have the Ravens' defense.  And Ben only has a busted nose.  He's not hurt.
WIN ~ 23-7 Steelers

Patriots -3 (BEARS)
The Bears will keep things respectable unlike the Jets.  The Pats should win by four but struggle mightily for their points.
WIN ~ 36-7 Patriots

Browns +1 (BILLS)
I'm still perfect.  I have been wrong about the Browns every week!  You know what to do.
LOSS ~ 13-6 Bills

Packers -6 1/2 (LIONS)
I would love for the Lions to wreck the Packers' situation Big Time.  Some injuries would be nice.  I'm a Giants fan...So what can I tell you?  The Pack is playing really good football and Aaron Rodgers is becoming a beast.
LOSS ~ 7-3 Lions

Falcons -7 (PANTHERS)
If anyone is taking the Panthers, I want to know who that one person is.
WIN ~ 31-10 Falcons

Bucs -2 (REDSKINS)
Oh....for lots of reasons.  But because the Bucs are going to make me sweat this out like the Packers will.  I'm a Giants fan remember?
LOSS ~ 17-16 Bucs

Rams +9 (SAINTS)
Strictly points on this one.  I think Coach Spags can keep the Rams within nine points.  I would love an upset here!  I'm a Giants fan....remember?
LOSS ~ 31-13 Saints

Seahawks +5 1/2 (49ERS)
You know why I'm picking the 'Hawks?  Because I want someone to win that awful division with a winning record.!
LOSS ~ 40-21 49ers

Broncos -4 1/2 (CARDINALS)
Is this game really necessary?
LOSS ~ 43-13 Cardinals

CHARGERS -7 (Chiefs)
Because the Chargers had their one hiccup this month surprising everyone by losing a December game.  Now they'll get hot but still lose this division to the Chiefs anyway.
WIN ~ 31-0 Chargers

COWBOYS +3 1/2 (Eagles)
Because I'm a Giants fan remember?  You can call the Cowboys anything you want; they're still good.  They play the Eagles well and I'm hoping Parity rears it's ugly head in Big D.
WIN ~ 30-27 Eagles

Fourteen BAGELS into the oven.

SHMEAR of the WEEK (8-3):
Packers -6 1/2 (LIONS)
Because I love a half point under seven!

* I lose the SHMEAR again!  I'm in a tail-spin.  I went 2-4 in the early games.
* I got the Browns wrong again!!  Is there a surer thing?
* Green Bay Packers' loss is a glorious thing for Giants fans!
* I knew last week the Raiders were toast.  I went with my heart.
* Atlanta Falcons shooting for home-field advantage through playoffs.  Win again.
* Bucs just re-entered the Wild-Card picture.
* 4-3 in afternoon games.
* Woe the J-E-T-S.  They will lose next week to the Steelers also.
* The Patriots are playing insane football right now!
* The Chargers may be getting their act together too late.

I'm 6-7 for the Sunday games.
The Shmear = is another loss.

Shmear of the Week:  8-4
Season Bagel Count: +9   YIKES!! Where did all my Bagels go?

NEW YORK JETS:  Wanna put last week behind you?  Just beat the FISH.

Putting the Patriot game to rest; WEEK 14 PREVIEW:

About that Patriots game:

NEW YORK FOOTBALL GIANTS:  Playoff Positioning.
The schedule makers gave us no help this week.  The Packers, Falcons and Bucs all drew soft teams this week leaving no room for error in the Wild Card Picture.  What help we might be getting may come from the Cowboys if they can beat the Eagles for us.  The division title is a much more clearer picture to visualize than that very blurred Wild Card Race.  With four games left in the season, ten wins might not be enough to get in the playoffs.  We can't afford to slip in Minny....

THAT'S IF THEY EVER GET OUT OF KANSAS CITY!  Midwest snow storms are ruining everything!



WEEK 13 REVIEW ~ Giants defeat Redskins:

Have a Happy Football Sunday!


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