Sunday, December 26, 2010


NEW YORK JETS:  They must play the Bears and win.  BUT this game is all about the Jets coming through for their COACH.

JETS ~ All season long your Coach has praised and lauded you.  He has been the front man, pitchman, spokesman, propagandist, apologist and media gauntlet for you.  Coach Ryan has been your biggest and loudest, if not the prettiest cheerleader you have!

He's exuded more confidence in his players more-so than any other Head Coach the Jets have had since maybe...Bill Parcells (that is not a Giants fan talking) and Joe Walton (because he never had a bad thing to say.  He truly cared and felt every player's pain for them).  I purposely left Herm Edwards because he coached scared late in games and that shows a lack of confidence...for as well as he represented his team and players. 

REX has done everything in his power to will the JETS to greatness while having to deflect every sling, arrow, grenade, cannonball, spitball, and snowball thrown at him and this team.  He's been turned into an over-sized pin cushion and punching bag. 

He's been subjected to personal ridicule and privacy breeches now.  Too many argue and champion the notion Coach Rex is merely making his own bed.  There aren't nearly enough friendly's in the media or the fan base willing to do for REX what he has done for the Jets and that's stand there to absorb everything the discriminating types can hurl his way and still try to make things right for his team.

The game against the Steelers was to save their season.  Today the Jets must come together, like their Coach did for them all season, and protect him.  The Jets must win today to stave off the attack against Coach Rex.

Yes there are playoff ramifications involved with today's game and this is no time to get emotional about things.  But the JETS, absolutely, positively, must show up today and rally around REX for their own sake.

The game started already.  The Bears just scored a TD to make the score 10-0 in Chicago's favor, with 5:00 left in the first quarter.

Rex is too big a man and too strong of character to admit, ever, he might be a little down. 

Your Coach needs you.  You have to come through today..........For him.


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