Saturday, December 11, 2010

N.Y. JETS ~ What Happened & What Now?

NEW YORK JETS:  Embrace The Pain And Make Sure It Doesn't Happen Again.

It's five days later and I'm still having trouble finding the right mix of words to help explain what happened to the Jets Monday night in Foxborough.

In Football terms, blow-outs are easy enough to explain.  The Jets fell behind early and the score got out of control fast.  Damage control takes you away from your game as desperate measures over-ride the failed plan.  As a result you become predictable and in the end you look thoroughly out-classed no matter what you do.  We've all seen good teams get blown out before, and all players no doubt, have experienced being on the losing side of one..  They understand games like this take on a life of their own.  The hang-over from a game like this has more to do with overly dramatic fans, the ensuing Media undressing and Gospel sermons by and according to "the experts".  The team itself will move on.

That's life.  Even the most skilled snow-boarders look insignificant and hopeless trying to "out-ski" an avalanche and the bravest and most courageous of Firefighters have all met blazes they thought better of, and just decided to let it burn.

Stuff happens.  There's only one way to react.  Get up; dust yourself off; check for injuries, move on and get ready to do it again.

Wouldn't that be nice?  If only everyone took it upon themselves to be that pragmatic in life.  *sigh*

C'mon Mike!  Gimmie a Break.  Tell Us What You Really Feel!



J - E - T - S
Just - Endure - The - Sting
...The pain and ridicule goes away eventually.

Uh....This is Your Head Coach; We Have A Problem.  Prepare For Impact.  Thanks For Flying.
COACH REX tried gimmicking his opponent by going no-huddle to start.  I'm sorry.  That is very basic.  Defending against no-huddle is hard-wired into EVERY teams defensive schemes.  Reacting to it is an involuntary breathing.  The No-Huddle has it's place in Football but was REX trying this against Bill Belichick after both coaches having 10 days to prepare his team?  Are you kidding me?  Bill Belichick thwarted a high powered, no-huddle offense to win a Super Bowl (XXV) and told us exactly how he was going to do it!

No, really!  Did Coach Rex think he could fool, and or, manipulate Coach Belicheck like that?  And let's just assume for a minute, the first drive was successful and resulted in seven points.  How long before Belichick adjusts, slows things down and and forces Mark Sanchez to become a real factor in the game versus just being the front-man of an offensive gimmick?  Exactly how long did he plan on going No-Huddle?

After that we don't know what the heck else the Jets really wanted to do because things got way out of control way too fast and disrupted everything.  Whatever the offensive plan they had in mind, what transpired on the field was a complete failure.  This game plan should have been burried right next to the football Coach Rex burried at their practice facility.  But this game should in no way be indicative of the Jets and Mark Sanchez' offensive capability.  They're OK.  Things just snowballed away from them.

But REX said it best when he said he got out-coached.  He did; royally.

The flight plan was flawed from take-off.  He didn't just get out-coached, when REX's formation of Big Green Bombers appeared over the Foxborough sky, Bill Belichick and his Minute-Men turned the flood lights on and skyward, located his target package and shot REX's formation of Jets clear out of the night-time New England sky.  That great big Green Bomber Jet turned out to be made of nothing more than paper-mache with a good paint job and "(Paper)Tiger" pinstriped on the tail.  Coach Belichick made Rex take that tail, tuck it between his legs and tow his wreckage all the way back to NY in pieces.  REX injected a lot of rhetoric into JetsNation.  Coach Belichick chose to let his players to the talking on the field.  Then went as far as huddling his team together on the sideline during the game to collectively remind everyone to stick to their "assigned tasks".

Even I said Bill Belichick would be coming at the Jets with two and three tight ends.  If I knew it, that means other people knew it, so REX had to know it.  You saw the game and what the League's highest scoring Offense did to the Jets defense.  There's no need to rehash that at this point.

There's also no need to get into how much better Tom Brady is than Mark Sanchez or how much better the Patriots are than the Jets.

That's a lot of crap to have to deal with for just one game and for a team that still sports a 9-3 record.  But that's the kind of crap everyone seems to clamour for. 

So many teams wish they had it that bad.  You wanna get the last game behind you?  Beat the Fish tomorrow.

Sunday - December 12, 2010  4pm

Miami Dolphins

"Jets" Stadium


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