Sunday, December 26, 2010

N.Y. JETS ~ REX Jubilant After Getting Bear-Clawed

New York Jets:  Take One

JETS LOSE!!  WoooHooo?

NEW YORK JETS:  What a Bad, Great Day in a Bad News, Good News Sort of Way.

At 0.52 left in the fourth quarter with the Jets down 38-34, Mark Sanchez put up one last great looking pass, but one that wound up destined to stab the Jets' season in the ribs while Chicago twisted the dagger.  It was an intercepted pass that would haunt the Jets all week; all the way to next Sunday; all the way to kick-off against the Bills in what would be the Jets' last chance to determine their own future in the season's final regular season game.

Embattled Coach Rex and his tattered formation of barely flying JETS were spotted and shot down over the skies of Chicago this time....again.  Chicago jumped to an early 10-0 lead and scored again late to put it out of reach from a very game Jets team.

Coach Rex and the Jets now found themselves suspended on the strength of one STEELER thread thanks to last week's win but the stress put on that one steel strand looked to be all but snapped based on the look on Coach REX's face when the time came to face the media after today's loss.

But during Q&A a somber Coach had his spirits lifted when the Washington Redskins did what the Jets could not do this afternoon; Win.  The Jets couldn't take that last and final step towards getting a lot of crap lifted off Coach Ryan's plate.  So the media stepped in and at 4:22pm, told REX the Jaguars lost to the Skins and that the Jets had clinched their playoff spot.

The shine from REX's smile was a brilliant white and GREEN.  And now, with all the questioning he and his team have undergone; and the personal prying into REX's life; after some staggering defeats...incredibly,
Coach REX is the happiest guy in the world.

Congratulations Jets Nation, you're going to the Dance.


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