Saturday, November 06, 2010

West Coast Trip to Wally's World

This ain't Chevy Chase and we ain't talking about National Lampoon nor are we Lampooning the Mets; not this time anyway.  Today all eyes are looking West focused on WALLY WORLD; Sandy Alderson and Wally Backman will meet on the West Coast to discuss his chances for being hired as the next Manager of the Metropolitans.

We want so badly for Wally Backman to be New York’s next John McGraw.  But that really means him being himself.  There is no doubt he would get a standing ovation on Opening Day if hired.  But the truth is, his resume is light.  Will Sandy Alderson hire a friend of the Family?  Because that’s his best attribute.  Being fiery and having Met ties does not a manager make.  Somehow Wally is going to have to convince Sandy he has a tremendous Baseball acumen and that he can be a responsible adult on and off the field, all, in two hours during his interview today.  In believing Sandy can see through personal missteps, if he feels Wally is intelligent enough, and if he feels Wally can be controlled…Sandy just might hire him.  I doubt it though. Hiring him really amounts to appeasing the fans, and I don’t think that’s Sandy’s bag. I’d get behind Wally if hired though and cheer him on Opening Day.  But there are better qualified guys that Wally.

Terry Collins is not one of them.  The scuttlebutt is he is rapidly becoming a lead candidate.  The King of second place finishes doesn't move me one bit.  I feel as if that would be an inconsequential hire.  Of the two candidates, I pick Wally.

Chip Hale is the third person who will interview this weekend.  He has my attention.  But I am more committed to the process than I am a specific candidate.  That's not to say I don't have a favorite choice in mind.  And, Sandy hasn't interviewed outside the organization candidates yet.  For now, I'm enjoying watching Alderson's methodical approach play out.

Alone as I am in this sentiment, I would still like John Stearns to have an opportunity for an interview as a possible candidate..  Why not?  You want a fiery guy with Mets' ties don't you? - Since we seem willing to take a chance on Wally...that is.


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