Tuesday, November 02, 2010

A Possible "Met" Formula For Success

Submitted for your approval:

John Stearns ~ Supreme Dugout Commander!

Lee Mazzilli ~ 1B Coach.

Wally Backman ~ 3B Coach

Gary Carter ~ Bench Coach.

Bobby Ojeda ~ Pitching Coach (Cyclone's 1st Pitching Coach).

Jerry Grote ~ Bullpen Coach/Catching Coach.

Dave Magadan/Lance Johnson/Mike Piazza ~ possible Hitting Coach candidates.

Ray Knight ~ Motivational Coach. Mood management.

Lenny Dykstra ~ Dirt management.

Tom Seaver ~ Special Advisor on Comportment and Professionalism Issues. Kangaroo Court Judge.

Mookie Wilson ~ Base Running Coach.

Doug Flynn ~ Infield Instructor.

Ron "Rocky" Swoboda ~ Outfield Coach; he worked so hard at it he must have been taught everything.

Rusty Staub ~ Pinch Hitting Coach/Clubhouse Elder.

Joel Youngblood ~ We have to find something for him to do!

Kieth Hernandez and Ron Darling ~ Eyes in Sky ~ Remain in booth with head phones communicating directly to General John Stearns.

Kevin Mitchell ~ Clubhouse Bouncer.

Dave Kingman ~ P.R. and Media Relations.

Bobby Bonilla ~ Public Relations; Stadium Tours.

Billy Wagner ~ Back-up to Kingman and Bonilla...just in case.

Jerry Koosman ~ Good Will Ambassador.

Joe McDonald ~ Bring him back to be Over Lord of Minor League Operations.

Tim Teufel ~ Leave him at AA.

Bud Harrelson ~ Bring him back to manage AAA.

Edgardo Alfonzo ~ Special Assistant to Sandy Alderson.

*John Ricco ~ "...and You are OUTTA HERE!"

Gregg Jefferies ~ Responsible for being Jeff Wilpon's new best friend (see John Ricco); palling around with Jeff; ensuring he stays out of Sandy Alderson's 'hair'.

Bobby Valentine ~ Keep him on the books to be a Phone-A-Friend for John Stearns and Dave Kingman.

Joan Payson ~ If there isn't a picture of her hanging in the clubhouse, there should be!

John Milner/Tommy Agee/Tug McGraw/Gil Hodges ~ Because we too, have great Ghosts of the Past.

If Sandy Alderson can put this list of guys together, how can we go wrong?


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